How to Create Ladylike Ponytail Hairstyles

If you want a sleek and polished look, a ladylike low ponytail may be just what’s needed to achieve that effect. While best suited to smooth hair types, this style also works with loose waves or curls.

Add more chicness to your ponytail by tease-teasing the crown for added volume, then hiding its elastic with an ornament or clip of hair or pretty clip. The classic

This chic look is perfect for work or a girl’s night out. If your hair is naturally smooth and shiny, try pulling low into a ponytail that is tightly secured with either an elastic band or scrunchie (your choice). This style also works beautifully on ladies with medium to thick locks.

This updated take on the classic ponytail is perfect for special events or prom night. To add texture, spray texturizing spray onto your strands before pulling back your ponytail.

Low, high or even double ponytails look beautiful on girls with wavy locks. To add an aesthetically pleasing face-framing finish, tie a scarf into your ponytail or around your head as part of this cute boho look. While this style works on various hair textures, wavy strands stand out beautifully as particularly feminine and pretty options. The romantic

A romantic ponytail is an excellent style option for girls with naturally textured hair, especially those who favor waves. Wavy locks look especially feminine and romantic in this look, which features loose waves with an unstructured finish to soften and flatter the face. To elevate this style even further, incorporate delicate braids like this side braid or even something more intricate like Constance Wu’s helix braid seen at the Critics Choice Awards into your ponytail for a refined and refined finish.

Medium length hair can easily be transformed into chic and sophisticated ponytail styles with just a few steps. Play around with texture by rough drying strands to give more body, then create a deep side part before pulling them back into a low ponytail secured at the nape of your neck – leaving some wispy front pieces loose for face framing effect – this timeless classic style makes an unforgettable impression at date nights or special events! The sporty

A ponytail is a stunning and confident look that lifts and tightens the face, perfect for girls who wish to appear stylish without looking too formal. Add texture and movement with fringes brushed slightly towards one side for added glamor and head-turning appeal.

Finish this look off with a retro flair by adding a scrunchie, which adds that unique ’80s look that is so trendy right now. Or try crimping your locks for a modern take that adds a pop of fun into any ponytail style.

Steps for creating a red carpet-worthy ponytail are simple. Begin by prepping damp hair with smoothing serum or volumizing spray, such as Fructis Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk. Blow-dry with paddle brush for even smoother finish; for an alternative style add texture through texturizing spray or oil; add one or two coifed baby hair strands at the base for added glamour!

Priyanka Chopra’s signature high ponytail will surely turn heads wherever you go, from romantic dinner dates to dancing nights and beyond. To add extra elegance, consider finishing off your ponytail with some exquisite details–such as pearl accents or an eye-catching headband–for extra impact.