Playboi Carti PFP – Whole Lotta Red Album Review

While Whole Lotta Red may seem like another rap album, Carti’s unique delivery sets it apart; his short and repetitive lines and frequent ad-libs create an engaging listening experience.

Punk Aesthetics:

Carti immerses himself in punk aesthetics, drawing inspiration from streetwear culture and Jackass. This allows him to express the freedom associated with this lifestyle.


Carti’s song “iloveuihateu” features Pi’erre Bourne’s distinctive beat from “Bad” and Red Coldhearted’s feminine energy. It beautifully and heartbreakingly portrays Carti’s drug-fueled romance.

Carti’s album includes hits like “Beef” (originally released on SoundCloud) and “Magnolia,” which discusses his use of marijuana and lean as escapes from reality. While lacking deep lyrical depth, these songs are still enjoyable to listen to.

Unique Production:

Carti’s diverse production showcases different styles, with some tracks reminiscent of the SoundCloud era and others influenced by classic hip-hop. This demonstrates the progression of Carti’s career.


Carti proves himself as an innovative rapper, consistently reinventing himself with each project. “Die Lit” portrays him as an incoherent dreamer, while “Whole Lotta Red” reveals an aggressive black heart with brutal honesty that doesn’t intimidate listeners.

Punk and Metal Influences:

The album draws heavily from punk and metal, producing an experimental and aggressive composition. Carti pushes his vocal range in songs like “Rockstar Made,” discussing struggles with drug addiction, love life, and the gangster lifestyle.


Playboi Carti PFP grew up in Georgia, dreaming of becoming an NBA star before finding his passion in hip-hop. He attended North Springs Charter High School in Sandy Springs and gained a large following on social media. His inspirations include Kanye West and A$AP Rocky.

Commercial Success:

Carti released his debut commercial mixtape in April 2017, receiving positive reviews. Songs like “Magnolia” and “Woke Up Like This” were particularly well-received, leading to his signing with AWGE Records.

Personal Life and Modeling:

Carti has been linked to various women, including Rubi Rose, Alexis Sky, and Blac Chyna. He has also modeled for fashion brands like Yeezy Season 5 and New York Fashion Week: Men.

Anticipation for Whole Lotta Red:

Fans eagerly awaited Carti’s next project since “Die Lit” was released two years ago. “Whole Lotta Red” satisfies both old and new fans with its mixture of punk energy, Gothic-ism, and signature beats. Carti’s red dreads symbolize rebellion and freedom, capturing the attention of listeners.

For alternative hip-hop fans, “Whole Lotta Red” is a record that should not be missed. Carti’s rockstar persona shines through, and his control over every aspect of the album is evident, from song titles to cover art.