platinum hair ideas

Keeping the platinum color of that healthy is the first step to achieving a stunning style. There are a few tips you can follow to maintain its condition. The most obvious way to achieve this color is through a proper shampoo and conditioning regime. This color is easily maintained if you follow certain tips. A balayage with blonde highlights gives your platinum hair a bohemian look. For added effect, you can also try a half updo with messy fringe. The icy blonde look is very striking and youthful and will work well on any skin tone or eye color. It does require a lot of commitment, but it is worth it.

A few of the best platinum hair ideas will help you achieve the perfect blonde color. The color is a cool, icy blonde that will work well with darker skin tones. It can be complemented with ashy or brown roots. Alternatively, you can opt for white blonde that borders on silver. This shade will also look great with soft waves, a low ponytail, and lots of volume. And if you’re looking for a subtle change from your normal golden hue, then try a more subtle version with more tones.