How to Style Platinum Blue Hair

SupposeSuppose you’re considering going platinum blue with your hair color. In that case, We advise using a blonde dye formulated with conditioning fruit oils such as avocado, olive, and shea to keep it looking its best through multiple bleaching sessions. In addition, using a purple toner will also be necessary toto counteract any remaining yellow hues in your locks.

Platinum shades for different hair colors and styles

These stunning platinum shades look gorgeous on light brown to dark brown hair with soft, subtle balayage – whether worn as a sleek blunt bob or in a wavy layered lob. Give it a try now!

Rose Gold Platinum

Platinum may be more costly than yellow, rose, and white gold alloys; however, its strength makes up for its additional expense by being much more robust and harder to wear than them. Furthermore, it’s less likely to chip than its counterparts, so it requires minimal upkeep – simply polishing at home will suffice to maintain the beauty of platinum jewelry and keep its appearance brand new!

Choosing rose gold based on complexion

As its name suggests, rose gold combines pink and peach hues. Choose this shade if your complexion is cool; otherwise, avoid it if it is more red than usual, as rose gold contains copper, which could pose issues for those allergic to metals.

Butter Blonde

This spring’s creamiest shade blends an eclectic range of blonde tones for an invitingly buttery appearance. Dark roots transition subtly to warm platinum blonde with natural-looking highlights for an effect that flatters lighter complexions and can bring out green or blue-eye beauty.

Tips for achieving platinum blonde

To achieve a platinum blonde, lift to level 10. Ugly Duckling offers Brilliant Blondexx or Extra Light Cool Blonde as great options for toning, along with bond protect shampoo and mask post-tone to minimize yellowness or breakage.

Honey Platinum

Honey for Combee was Diamond and his friends’ way of using honey-slathered trees to attract Combee, and this same technique was employed during A Trainer and Child Reunion! for Heracross and Historical Mystery Tour! for Munchlax. All three games used this same approach when trying to lure Pokemon, and restarting won’t change which Pokemon appear or how much the tree shakes; one man on Floaroma Meadow sold Honey in exchange for 100 Pokemon (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum only).

Lavender and Purple

For an eye-catching yet non-loud statement, try pastel lavender hues. They provide a soothing effect while looking fabulous on blunt bobs.

Creating beautiful lavender and purple hair

Lavender and blue hues combine beautifully when applied via the balayage technique, as seen here with this lilac ombre hair color starting with dark indigo at its roots and transitioning gradually into lavender at the ends, for an ethereal appearance. Cool lavender hues pair perfectly with platinum locks, while warm periwinkle tones complement warm blonde highlights, in stunning dimensional styles that make an impactful statement about style and personality.

Dark Roots

Dark roots with platinum blonde locks is a chic trend that looks incredibly flattering on girls with medium-length waves or bangs. This two-tone look works best on medium-length hair or bangs.

Advantages of the Dark Roots trend

Advantages to this technique include natural-looking results without frequent salon visits for touchups; however, safe shampoo and heat protectant are required to preserve its quality.

Smoky Platinum

Platinum blonde trends have taken an unexpectedly excellent turn with icy shades and smoky tones. For those with darker locks, try mixing platinum blond baby lights and brown tones through balayage techniques for a striking combination that brings out both green and blue eyes while giving your face a more seductive vibe.

Achieving a stunning smoky platinum look

Darker roots with platinum blonde balayage create an eye-catching contrast, making for an eye-catching bob. This style adds a sun-kissed shine that looks wonderful with wavy locks. Achieving platinum hair requires using high-grade bleach and toner; we suggest Ugly Duckling’s Brilliant Blondexx as your go-to product.

Soft Platinum

As a paramagnetic metal, Platinum is not magnetic in its pure state; however, it is frequently alloyed with other metals to increase hardness. Cold work results in hardening, while subsequent annealing softens it by permitting dislocation rearrangement and recrystallization, producing a softer alloy. Heat treatment may cause ordering or precipitation hardening depending on alloy chemistry and heat treatment time and temperature parameters; these effects depend on each case individually.