How to Maintain Platinum Blue Hair

If you’re looking for a hair color that is fun and unique, platinum blue is a good option. This color resembles platinum blonde hair with blue highlights. However, it’s important to note that the hair dye is not permanent. Depending on the type of hair dye, the color may need to be reapplied. However, platinum blue hair is not as difficult to maintain as platinum blonde. Just make sure you know the necessary steps to achieve this fun color.

balayage technique


The balayage technique is a fun way to change your hair color without a drastic change in texture. This technique is best applied to hair that is medium to light brown. The natural color of the hair helps sharpen the vivid purple tones, which look great on this base. You can also choose a subtle purple tone to transition into a deep navy shade. It all depends on your personal style.


This technique is easy to use and can be used to create stunning highlights or a subtle ombre look. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with a bold color and have low-maintenance hair. However, this technique has its drawbacks. Depending on your natural color, you may not want to use it every day. You should also avoid bleaching your hair the night before the big day. The process can cause irritation to your scalp, so if you’re going to be swimming in a pool or sweat, avoid bleaching your hair.

Purple hair dye required


If you have platinum blue eyes and want to have purple hair, you need to lighten your hair to a certain level before applying the dye. Lightening your hair to a certain level will also make your hair appear darker. The level you need to lighten it to is approximately level 6. For a deep purple colour, you must lighten it to a level seven. The hair should be pre-conditioned to make up for the loss of moisture.


To get a dark purple color, you need to have a hair color that has pigment underneath. If your hair is light or medium brown, you can use a lighter shade of purple. However, if your hair is dark or very light blonde, you need to lighten it to a pale yellow color. Light blonde or brown hair can also be dyed purple without having to lighten it. However, for a deep purple color, it is important to have a deep hair color.

Maintaining platinum blonde hair color


Whether you’ve been dying your hair a golden shade of brown for years, or have just gone platinum blonde for the first time, maintaining your platinum blonde hair color is no small task. Not only do you need to use special products to maintain this color, you also need to consider your hair’s hydration and repair. Platinum blond hair is one of the most difficult hair colors to maintain, and you’ll need to use products that will not only make your hair look healthy but will also help it last longer.


To maintain platinum blonde hair color, you’ll need to bleach it every couple of weeks. This will lighten each strand of hair, and the process will last about two months. When dyeing your hair, make sure to follow the directions on the box to get the best results. After you bleach your hair, make sure to rinse it thoroughly. Otherwise, you could risk damaging your hair and making it look worse than before. In order to achieve a natural-looking platinum blond color, make sure you have thick and healthy hair.

Benefits of having fun hair colors


Having fun hair colors can be very beneficial. Having a unique color will make you instantly memorable. When people see you with your hair color, they will look at you in awe. Children will often point out that your hair color is unique. Children will also appreciate the fact that you took the time to make your hair unique. You’ll instantly feel more confident and more appealing to other people. It can also boost your work ability.


Changing hair color is a great way to add volume and body to your hair. It can make your hair appear more full, particularly if you have thin, fine hair. It can also add a fun and flirty look to your hair. Color also reflects your mood and personality, so it is a great way to broadcast your unique personality. It’s a safe way to experiment with different colors. Hair coloring is a great way to make your hair look fun and exciting.