Brazen Blue Hair Trends

Women today are pushing the envelope of what’s considered normal by using bold hair colors such as pastel blue to express themselves and stand out. Be it to show their independence or have fun, blue hair has quickly become an eye-catching trend that has spread online.

Platinum Blonde Accents

If you still need to get quite ready to commit to going full blue, try adding platinum blonde strands as accents to your natural color. This striking shade highlights your eyes while pairing perfectly with a blunt bob cut.

Dark Brown and Platinum Balayage

Dark hair can be very appealing and provides the ideal base color for any kind of balayage technique. Caramel honey balayage can add brightness and warmth to a woman’s locks – perfect for women with warm skin tones looking for some added luminosity and vibrancy.

Platinum blonde is an eye-catching shade, yet dying your entire head of hair this color can be damaging and time-consuming. A balayage technique offers a practical solution that will produce natural-looking results without damage to your locks.

Cotton Candy Denim Blue

Hilary Duff, 33, recently made headlines when she debuted a vibrant cotton candy blue hue that emulates its namesake candy. Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri from Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles used dyeing techniques that combined cobalt blue fade with periwinkle tips to achieve this beautiful effect on Hilary’s blonde bob cut by hairstylists Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri for this stunning effect.

Trendy trends usually appeal to only certain skin tones and facial structures, but denim blue balayage works on nearly all complexions. Simply ask your colorist to replicate the style on you or go all-out by creating magenta strands that fade into lilac hues with light blue streaks at the roots for an eye-catching finish.

Dark Roots

Dark blonde roots with platinum strands can make an eye-catching statement and don’t require much maintenance. Choose golden shades that appear warm and buttery or cooler ash-blonde hues with subtle brown tones for this standout color combination.

Kim Kardashian has made this trend popular, and it looks fantastic with either long wavy locks or shaggy textured bobs.

Smoky Platinum

Platinum blonde has long been famous, but it has taken on new life recently, thanks to an update. You’ll now find it with silvery hues, ashy undertones, and even icy hues for those without time for touch-ups – smoky shades may be ideal if this option suits your needs!

Bubbly platinum highlights will bring an elegant shine to your complexion and frame your face, complementing peachier skin tones perfectly. This pastel shade works best on light to medium skin tones.

Lavender and Purple Blends

Lavender and purple combined into one hair color palette make an eye-catching combination that looks good on all skin tones. A pastel lavender ombre is an effective way to incorporate this trend into your mane, especially noticeable with long, wavy locks.

Are you ready for an adventurous hair transformation? Try a violet and purple balayage! This shade combines vibrant grape and magenta hues with vibrant purple shades for a playful and sophisticated look.

If your blonde roots show through, ask your stylist about “peeks of pink”. This style allows you to showcase pastel lavender highlights when desired and hide them beneath – ideal if your lifestyle requires you to spend lots of time outside!

Smoky Blue

The global trend of smoky blue hair has taken hold, and its stunning shade flatters every skin tone. Blondes and grays can embrace this dreamy fantasy hue, perfect for creating mermaid and unicorn effects.

To keep strands healthy and glossy, use Redken All Soft Heavy Cream as a color-safe deep conditioner to maintain healthy strands.

Provide this bright, fruit-inspired shade with a more wearable and eye-catching appearance with a smoky twist for a look that’s both eye-catching and wearable. If going full green hair is too bold, talk with your stylist about creating a more subtle interpretation via balayage techniques.

Wella Passionista Jeong Chen used ash blues and gunmetal grays to craft this smoky mermaid mane with intricate detail, perfected using Color Touch Root Shadow 7/89 2 //0/88 and Koleston Perfect 10/81 2/0 =0/88 through its lengths.