Take Your Pixie Haircut Front and Back to the Next Level

If you’re searching for a pixie haircut with added sophistication, take a look at this chic molded style. Short enough to be styled back with medium-hold products and ideal for professional elegance over edginess, this chic crop could be needed.

Layered pixie cuts are modern and original, drawing attention to all hair patterns and creating an eye-catching effect. For this style, try opting for a dirty blonde shade that blends light and dark blonde tones, perfectly complementing your skin tone and hair color.


Not every short asymmetrical haircut can strike a balance between androgynous and feminine, but this one does it brilliantly. With its cropped sides and longer face-framing locks on top, this look perfectly frames your features – especially when accented by bold hues such as fire engine red or vivid blue!

Silver locks look truly breathtaking when worn with an elegant one-sided pixie cut. To add texture and depth to your short, asymmetrical haircut, ask your stylist to dye different hues of gray into your locks for added dimension and depth.

Crown braids add a stunning finishing touch to any short haircut but look imposing with a pixie cut. Perfect for women of all ages and featuring prominent cheekbones, crown braids can help to elongate the forehead while softening prominent cheekbones while adding volume and creating contrast to one-sided asymmetrical pixie hairdos.


A choppy pixie haircut is ideal for those seeking a bold style. Combining a buzz-cut underneath section with long, choppy bangs that graze the eyes creates a striking, challenging, feminine juxtaposition. Add texture cream for styling the top into a messy faux hawk, or leave it straight for a classic pixie cut look.

This edgy, angled pixie looks wonderful in platinum blonde, with its darker undercut adding depth and drawing out facial features. A deep side part and choppy bangs add drama, while its length on top allows waves or curls to be added for variety if desired – perfect for busy women who don’t have much time for styling! Its low maintenance requirements and ease of care make this style an excellent option for active women with little time for styling their locks!


Half boyish and half feminine, this striking pixie features an undercut that contrasts vividly against its more extended, silvery platinum top section. Crown layers are short and texturized while the front angles forward towards an adjustable fringy bang that can either be side-swept or pulled up pompadour-style.

Blonde highlights interwoven with natural blonde tones create a subtle yet stylish effect in this spunky pixie cut. Parted on one side and featuring an angled faux hawk section spanning your eye area, making an irresistibly fashionable Monroe meets military biker chick look that’s simply irresistible!

This chunky style requires minimal upkeep compared to most pixie cuts that need regular trimming and touchups. Perfect for acceptable hair types who wish to experiment with texture cream sculpted into finger-styling techniques to form sleek back looks or tousled into beachy waves, it offers the versatility for multiple styling techniques that may suit their desired outcome.


For an elegant take on pixie cuts, opt for a side-swept style. Silvery blonde tones highlight its layers, smoothly transitioning from shorter at the nape and sides to longer on the crown. Additionally, its front can be styled into either pompadours or faux hawks to frame the face and create dimension.

Icy blonde is an evergreen hue that looks stunning when paired with an asymmetrical pixie cut. This eye-catching cut features a short nape and sides while the top has longer locks texturized for a volumetric effect; to intensify this asymmetry further, add contrasting highlights for a volumetric extra impact. When finished correctly, this haircut has an unforgettable silhouette perfect for red carpet events while remaining wearable daily by adding pomade or salt spray for definition and hold.


For something a bit bolder, ask your stylist to give you a wavy pixie cut with soft texturizing and shaved sides – it will leave you both seductive and confident! Throw in some longer strands around the forehead, and you have an irresistibly hot style perfect for nightlife!

If your natural hair color is dark, take this pixie to the next level with bold color! Achieve this through subtle balayage effects or more striking combinations like purple highlights on top of a lilac base.

This classic yet feminine pixie haircut works for women of all ages. It works beautifully when styled with straight bangs for casual looks or more professional-looking slicked-back bangs for business settings.