How to Style Your hair on Pinterest

Are you looking for an updo for prom or your wedding? Pinterest has you covered. This visual discovery platform boasts an abundance of tutorials designed to leave you looking your best and feeling amazing!

Headband Hairstyle

Make any look stand out with a bejeweled headband! A protective style popular among Gen Z is super adorable and straightforward: part your hair down the middle, roll and twist both sides from your hairline down to neck level, then tuck underneath one another for easy tucking underneath another for an undone style that stands out. Finish this off by sliding on an embellished headband for added flair!

Polished Beachy Waves Hairstyle

Consider this long hairstyle the polished version of beachy waves. To achieve it, start by creating even, loose curls slightly more uniform than your natural texture, then use hot tools to give them intentional shapes.

Fuller Silhouette Braided Hairstyle

Pin your braids closer together at the nape of your neck for a fuller silhouette – ideal for bridesmaids or special events! Just be sure to finish this look with flexible hold hairspray to extend its longevity and stay stylish for longer!