Pink Hair For Men

Eye-catching and trendy pink hair for men

Pink hair can make an eye-catching fashion statement that stands out. Most men can pull it off! If you have dark brown hair, try adding a pop of color with rosy light pink highlights. This hue works great against warm skin tones and works particularly well when combined with shaggy short-length layers and shaggy haircuts. Just be sure to use color-safe shampoos and avoid sulfates!

Pastel Pink

Subdued and elegant pastel pink hues for men

Pastel pink hues can do wonders for men’s hair. This subdued hue works exceptionally well on blondes, making an excellent ombre shade as its intensity is less dramatic than with neon pink hair colors. Applying pink dye in a balayage style is an elegant way to incorporate pink hues into your locks while still giving a polished appearance. This technique brings out different shades of pink while still leaving behind an aesthetically pleasing finish on your locks. Kaia Gerber showcases the versatility of pink hues with her blonde and pink mermaid waves, styled by Guido Paulo. Additionally, Paulo applied soft pink to Kaia’s short-cropped hair, leaving the undercut portion a dark, natural color.

Hot Pink

Vivid and attention-grabbing hot pink hair for men

Hot pink stands out with its vivid hue that attracts attention, drawing inspiration from its associations with punk culture. It can elicit feelings of rebellion and aggression while conveying energy and vitality. It pairs well with black but looks stunning with yellows, cyans, or soft pastel pink accents for a softer look. It is best suited for men with pale complexions. Gen Zers are turning towards bolder hues of pink to stand out from their peers and accentuate their styles with peekaboo highlights that fit any color base.

Pastel Blue

Subdued and youthful pastel blue hair for men

Men who prefer more subdued approaches can try pastel blue hair color – it recalls the pale hues babies wear as a symbol of innocence and youth. Pastel blue can pair nicely with white and neutral tones, such as beige. Additionally, pastel blue works well when combined with other hues such as lilac, coral, and shades of green – and can even be part of a triadic or tetradic color scheme! This shade works well on wavy hair, drawing attention to its voluminous waves while adding contrast and dimension. Furthermore, this hue works particularly well when worn against dark complexions as its warmth complements their warm skin tones beautifully.

Ashy Pink

Trendy and fashionable ashy pink hair for men

Due to the Barbiecore aesthetic, pink hair has become trendy this summer. A-list celebrities, including Joey King, Zayn Malik, and Lizzo, have already worn this eye-catching hue in their locks. Men looking to spice up their style should experiment with subtle blends of ashy pink and dark blonde; these soft hues look fantastic on long wavy locks when styled with an effortless and laid-back ‘do. Caution should be exercised: Pink shades require frequent maintenance to stay vibrant for as long as possible and tend to fade quickly. For longer-term protection of your pink locks, wash less frequently and only use products designed specifically for colored hair.

Cotton Candy Pink

Feminine and versatile cotton candy pink hair for men

Pink is an increasingly popular trend in fashion and hair trends. This shade is feminine without being overtly girly, making it suitable for many skin tones while allowing men to experiment with color without going all-in on pink. Pink highlights can create an eye-catching contrast in dark hair, adding life and dimension. Pink also looks excellent with black locks for an eye-catching statement look that will turn heads! Rootflage Renegade provides an easy and noncommittal way to add some pop of color without making a permanent commitment.

Merman Hair

Bold and daring merman hair for men

Men looking to step outside the mainstream with their fashion trends can take an eye-catching and daring approach by dyeing their hair or beard a bold shade of blue or green – it pairs well when combined with pink hues for an eye-catching and daring appearance that doesn’t seem feminine at all. A classic colored merman hairstyle can make a bold and dramatic statement for any guy with long locks, making an unforgettable impression and standing out from the crowd – but be careful to choose a semi-permanent shade so that if needed, you can return to work without too much disruption!

Magenta Mohawk

Edgy and high-fashion magenta mohawk for men

Pink hair dyeing may seem high maintenance for some men, but it can look great when combined with an easygoing style. Take this fierce fuchsia hue that runs through this merman style’s ends while leaving its roots and undercut naturally, adding some edge to a classic men’s haircut. Mohawk haircuts can already be quite bold, but when colored pink, it becomes even more striking. This bold hue evokes Rocky Horror Picture Show vibes and looks fantastic against dark skin tones.