How to Take Pink Hair and Brown hair to the Next Level

Pink Hair

Pink hair can make an eye-catching statement that ranges from adorable to bold and sensual. To protect the vibrancy of pink hair, invest in sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that are safe for colored locks. Vivid pink strands can be paired with dark brown locks for a striking combination.

Brown Hair

Dark brown hair can be enhanced with highlights or bold brown hues to add dimension and interest. Chocolate brown is a popular shade for brunettes as it complements all skin tones and eye colors. Copper is another option that provides a unique look without going for bolder hues.

Peekaboo Hair

Peekaboo hair involves dyeing the bottom layer of hair a different hue than the top layers, creating dimension without a full-block color. Pastel hues like lilac can create an airy appearance, while bolder colors like purple or electric blue make a statement. Preserving peekaboo highlights requires using sulfate-free hair color and maintaining touch-ups regularly.

Bubble Gum Pink

Bubble gum pink is a fun, bold shade that works well with all skin tones. Balayage with subtle pink streaks can be considered for a less intense look. Ombre is another option that adds flair while keeping some natural brown locks intact. Garnier offers a conditioning semi-permanent dye for achieving the perfect bubble gum pink shade.

Pink Ombre

Short haircuts, like pixie cuts, can be paired with bold pink hues to stand out. Blonde hair can incorporate light pink or purple ombre for maximum impact. Adding peach to blonde and pink creates a creative and delicious-looking result. Choose a soft rose or coral shade close to your natural hair color for a subtle pink ombre.