Pin Up Hair Color Trends

Pin-up hair has made an incredible comeback over time. This vintage style works on many different shapes, colors, and sizes of locks – the more, the better! This vintage look features massive victory rolls accentuated by an adorable hat for an eye-catching, sophisticated appearance that is sure to draw compliments anywhere they are worn.


Nude is a warm and neutral hue that complements most skin tones, making it a popular choice in fashion and beauty, home design, and interior decoration. A snood is indispensable for any pin-up look, whether purchased online or crocheted by yourself if you are up for the challenge. Check out this excellent example of the bumper bangs trend paired with sea foam lavender hair color and an adorable pink bow – it will have you channeling Lolita instantly!


Pin-up hair has recently seen a revival. Typically characterized by coils or waves, this classic look pairs beautifully with rockabilly and retro clothing. Achieving an elegant pin-up look is possible regardless of the length or thickness of your locks. Try styling some large victory rolls to complete this style and pairing it with bright coral lipstick to finish the look. Redheads don’t need to have red locks to rock this timeless style – black pin-up hair can look just as beautiful when appropriately accessorized and given some attention with makeup and accessories.

Ice Blonde

Ice blonde is an ideal shade to complement women with darker complexions. For an understated effect, ask your stylist to blend darker roots into frosty white blonde for an elegant transition if going all white is daunting. Janelle Monae knows the power of pin-up hair, and this icy blonde hue with two stunning victory rolls makes her stand out like royalty. This style works for any length, from shoulder cut to long bob.


Pinned-up hair has seen a recent revival. Perfect for women of all ages, the look can be created on virtually all hair types. Start by creating a soft side parting and use a large barrel curling iron to form horizontal waves of curls that you secure with pin curl clips. Next, brush your hair smooth before finishing by spraying some light-hold hairspray.


The pink pin-up hair trend is an eye-catching way to add extra pizzazz and elegance. Ideal for medium or long-length locks, as seen here in this gorgeous shoulder cut with two large victory rolls adorned with red bows – it adds the perfect finishing touch! Try switching up your look with something daring like cobalt blue for a modernized take! It makes your locks pop while remaining subtle – use plenty of hairspray!


Neon is a gas and nonmetal material that emits an electric current when conducting electricity, producing its distinctive reddish-orange glow when conducting current. Commonly found in bar signs and other lighting applications, neon can also help detect leaks during fracking processes as a reliable leak detection solution. Minaj looks beautiful in two-tone wigs, like this lavender and royal purple “wet look” style she wore to Daily Front Row’s 2018 Fashion Media Awards in September. With short hair and a pink bow, her look had an extra sexy edge, bringing an incredible pin-up look.

Forest Green

Lizzo proves this point with her classic pin-up look featuring a pixie cut and a big pink bow that exudes old-school glamour. Green is an eye-catching shade to experiment with in pin-up hairstyles and pairs perfectly with black to create a rockabilly style. Two asymmetrical jumbo victory rolls elongate your face for an eye-catching vixen look. African-American girls can pull off great pin-up hairstyles using sew-in extensions. This girl’s bob features small curls that give it the appearance of a pin-up starlet, making her appear like one.

Mint Green

Mint green is an excellent hue that conveys freshness, cleanliness, and peace – qualities that have become increasingly sought-after across fashion, home decor, and graphic design. Mint green pin-up hair looks stunning with classic victory rolls and a black snood. Add curls for extra glamour! If you want the ideal mint green shade, choose a low-commitment hair dye that fades gradually – this way, you can go from soft pastel to bold shade within minutes!