Pictures of Hairstyles With Bangs

There is an array of styles that work perfectly with bangs. Whether your hair is short or long, there is a certain one thatthat will accentuate your beauty perfectly – and can be as straightforward or intricate as desired.

Layered hairstyles with side-swept bangs

For something a bit more casual, try long layered bangs swept to one side. They make for an eye-catching frame of your face while adding personality and dimension to your look. Easy to achieve and will complement many outfits, find a stylist who understands your desired look and hair texture.

Trendy peek-a-boo bangs

Consider trying trendy peek-a-boo bangs to highlight your face and cheekbones. While this style requires longer locks, it’s an excellent way to make thin locks appear fuller. Additionally, oval-shaped faces benefit from this style as it flatters their features.

Curly side-swept bangs.

Try curly side-swept bangs for an iconic Marissa Cooper look from The OC. Their layers will add volume and draw attention directly to your eyes. Add light-colored highlights for added vibrancy.

Space buns with bangs

Space buns are an enjoyable and straightforward hairstyle, ideal for wearing with any bangs. For an added bit of flair, add wispy or tumbling hairs to create a jagged texture in the buns – the effect will add subtle visual interest and is a great way to personalize your look! This hairstyle exudes rebellious charm while accentuating your facial structure.

Baby bangs

Baby bangs offer an adorable and playful style, perfect for adding fun to your look. Easy to manage and maintain, baby bangs provide an ideal alternative to full-fringed charges for women who wish to add a bit of edge or an unconventional touch. Perfect for women in their 20s and 30s with round or oval face shapes.

Texturized bangs

The textured bangs hairstyle adds volume and depth to any look. Popular among those with shoulder-length locks, textured bangs can create soft yet pretty styles to flatter all face shapes. Wear this hairstyle alone or pair it with a ponytail for an ideal combination of chicness and casualness!

Thick bangs

Thick bangs are an elegant and feminine hairstyle that complements most facial structures. Still, those with heart-shaped faces or rounder complexions should be aware that this hairstyle could become too dominating in terms of volume. As such, gentler side sweeps or styles might be recommended instead for optimal balance.