Should I Perm My Hair?

With waves and curls sprouting up everywhere, you may contemplate perming your hair to add body and definition. A perm can add body to straight or naturally wavy locks, regardless of your natural texture.

What is a perm?

Perms are permanent waves created using chemical solutions that curl your locks permanently. Stylists now have many solutions tailored specifically towards all hair textures.

How long does a perm last?

A perm should last three to six months, depending on how well it’s taken care of. You should wait to wash your hair until directed by the stylist and avoid other chemical treatments like coloring to maintain your curls.

How do I care for my perm?

Avoid washing your hair for several days following your appointment, and use sulfate-free products with moisturizing elements when ready. Minimize heat styling to avoid frizz, and use heat protectant spray when using blow-dryers or hair straighteners. Regular salon touch-ups are recommended.

Can I perm my chemically treated or colored hair?

If you have chemically treated or colored hair, you can still get a perm, but you must prepare your locks with a hair bond restoration treatment first. Wait at least two weeks before perming to avoid disrupting the delicate balance. Consider using semi-permanent hair dye colors after perming and get professional color service at a salon for the best results.