How to Achieve the Perfect Waves Hair Look

1. Use a hair Straightener

Professionals suggest using a flat iron to create beachy waves. Start with clean, dry hair and use heat protection and texturizing spray. Create loose pin curls with the straightener and run your fingers through the hair for a natural appearance. Finish with texture spray.

2. Wrap Your Hair Around a Curling Iron

For a more natural look, wrap your hair around a curling iron. Use a smaller barrel size for tighter curls and start with lower heat settings to minimize damage. Use heat protectant before curling. Section off your hair and wrap it from below the roots up towards your head. Brush out the curls for a fluid appearance and finish with hairspray.

3. Twist Your hair Around a Fabric Belt

Try the “bathrobe waves” trend for heatless beachy waves. Gather your hair into a loose ponytail and wrap sections around a fabric belt. Start at the nape of your neck and continue until all hair has been wrapped. You can braid closer or farther apart for different curl results. Add hairspray for hold.

4. Twist Your Hair into a Bun

You can achieve beach waves without curling tools. Apply heat protectant and rough-dry your hair. Section your hair down the middle and twist small sections around your finger, adding more hair as you go. Secure the bun with a hair tie and leave it overnight for gorgeous waves. This works on all hair lengths.