Keeping Shoulder Length Hair Straight

Add side bangs for an unexpected change that’ll enhance the feminine aesthetic of your shoulder-length hair and frame your face beautifully. Side bangs are more feminine and feminine-feeling than full, blunt bangs; therefore, they will complement your natural features better.

Not quite a bob, this in-between style is both chic and fresh. Add an element of surprise by mixing different blonde tones into the layers for added drama.

Long Layers

Layered looks add movement and volume to long, straight hairstyles, especially those with thin or delicate locks that tend to look flat when left to their own devices. Achieving this style requires layering; its popularity among this population makes sense, given that one-length straight locks may otherwise become lifeless over time.

The layered cut can look particularly striking on hair that naturally has lots of texture, with its choppy layers creating a beachy vibe that works for both summer and spring seasons. You could even lightly curl this style for added voluminous volume!

This medium-length layered haircut with face frame or curtain bangs flatters and emphasizes features while being cute and adorable. Additionally, this style makes strands appear thicker and healthier and is, great for acceptable hair types.

Side Bangs

Side bangs create a stunning look, adding volume and texture to fine strands while framing your face beautifully. This face frame style looks good on all facial structures and hair colors, from black to blonde.

Get a razor cut done to create over-directed, shattered layers. This method gives your locks a light, airy texture – ideal for casual looks.

Request that your hairstylist create a beachy vibe in your long bob by adding side-swept bangs with soft waves for a beachy aesthetic, perfect for any occasion and sure to leave you feeling great all day! It will leave your locks effortless but chic all at the same time.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a fashionable, sophisticated trend that frames the face with soft, feminine charm. Easy to maintain and compatible with all hair colors, textures, and lengths – curtain bangs add an eye-catching finish that also helps conceal fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead! This look can create a youthful and fresh appearance and hide fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead.

Long, straight curtain bangs are perfect for accentuating cheekbones and creating an ideal face structure, adding volume and thickness to thin hair.

If you have thick, wavy hair, try adding highlights to your curtain bangs to brighten and enhance your entire look and make it even more eye-catching. It will undoubtedly bring an eye-catching edge to the overall appearance!


If you have wavy or curly locks, consider wearing a hat to help control their unruliness and applying leave-in hair serum such as NuMe Sleeky in a Bottle to protect it from moisture loss and add shine.

If your strands are straight, add volume to your look by layering up with face-framing layers. Ask your stylist to progressively add them from top to bottom for an overall softness and femininity that complements all women.

If you want a statement-making finish, try opting for a strawberry blonde ombre. It’s an effortless way to add warmth and dimension to your natural hue, plus it looks fantastic when worn with an adorable hat!


A bonnet is a protective covering designed to keep hair smooth and untangled while sleeping, protecting it from tangles and frizz and locking in any leave-in deep conditioners or scalp treatments you apply before bed. Silk and satin bonnets may help your locks absorb more moisture than cotton ones.

If your hair is naturally straight, try blow-drying it with your hands for a casual and carefree style, or add beach waves for a face-framing wavy effect.

Flip your fringe up for an effortless retro malt shop look that pairs well with any look – from jeans to an elegant evening dress.


Installing a padded headband onto a low ponytail instantly elevates it to leak status, especially one adorned with pearls like the one Rowan Blanchard wore here.

This feminine look is perfect for heart-shaped or square-shaped faces, softening angular features. Start with a side part before rolling and twisting both sides of your hair toward your ears to achieve this adorable style. When it’s time to remove the headband, your beautiful locks will naturally appear loose!

Baby Bangs

Baby bangs once earned a reputation for their short fringes that graze your forehead, giving a vintage aesthetic without too much drama. Now, they’re back with an even more substantial following!

This shoulder-length hair style with baby bangs is an adorable and casual way to enhance your look. The side bangs elongate your face shape, while its tousled crown section adds texture and movement.

This style works beautifully on thin and thick strands and can be combined with any pixie cut, bob cut, shag, or mullet style. Just be sure to schedule regular salon appointments for re-shaping.