How to Style Shoulder Length Straight Hair

Long hair can be styled in many different ways. Straight, twisted, or even tucked behind the ears are all possible styles to consider when styling it; just be wary to avoid hiding your face with it.

Deep side parts

Deep side parts can add volume and dimension to thick shoulder-length hair. Furthermore, they frame your face beautifully while complementing smoky makeup looks perfectly.


Layered medium-length hair can help enhance any face shape while adding texture. From Tessa Thompson’s tousled waves to Jourdan Dunn’s luxurious ombre hue, carefully designed layers will keep strands healthy and looking their best.

Long layers that fall just past the shoulders exude soft femininity. Add retro glam by teaming these long layers with symmetrical curtain bangs and a gold-bauble headband.

Beach waves

Beach waves are a timeless hairstyle for medium-length hair. Not only do they look relaxing and stylish, they frame your face beautifully! Beach waves make an excellent way to channel feminine yet sexy vibes into one look.

Make beachy waves in your locks using a flat iron or curling wand and heat protective spray before curling.

Orange lob

If you love sleek and polished looks, this style may suit you. An angled bob with long, face-framing layers is chic yet easy to manage and style.

Make your face stand out with a side parting for an adorable look that complements all face shapes, from heart-shaped to squared faces, softening their features while maintaining balance.

Highlight your locks for an inviting glow with highlights. Work with your stylist to determine the shade that complements your skin tone best.

Deep strawberry blonde

If you’re ready to experiment with hair color, take a chance with this deep strawberry-blonde look that straddles blonde and red tones. Perfect for cool complexions and especially striking with balayage highlights and loose curls.

If you’re already blonde, make an appointment with your stylist for rich strawberry highlights that lean coppery. Your locks will look dazzling in the sun!

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are an elegant face framer, making a bold statement about women of all ages and hair textures. Combine this look with a center part for an eye-catching feminine finish that elongates your face and draws focus towards your eyes.

This style works great on any face shape and can even help conceal fine lines around the forehead. For an eye-catching effect, waterfall bangs that flow softly across your forehead might make an impactful statement.


Hats are an increasingly fashionable trend that pairs beautifully with any hairstyle imaginable, from low ponytails and sleek locks to long ponytails or smart straight locks. Pairing one with any of these looks creates a chic femme fatale aesthetic.

Lea Seydoux’s shoulder-length, choppy layers give her hair an effortlessly chic aesthetic. If you want to achieve a similar style, ask your stylist to create soft yet disconnected layers in your hair.


Cotton bonnets rob your locks of moisture, leading to dryness, breakage, and stunted growth. Instead, choose a silk/satin bonnet as a safer way of protecting strands during sleep.

When wearing a bonnet, tuck any loose ends or wispy hairs under to prevent them from getting caught and snagged on anything. Please keep it clean to prevent sweat, debris, or odor build-up within its confines.

Statement hairpiece

Are you searching for something extra glamorous to add a splash of drama and glamour to your shoulder-length straight hair? A statement piece could be precisely what’s needed. Not only are statement pieces great wedding accessories, but any statement piece can bring life and dimension to any look – your stylist can help you find a piece explicitly tailored to you and your hairstyle, no matter its shape!

Check out our extensive range of stunning statements here.

Side bangs

Framing the face with cute side bangs is an easy and effective way to add dimension and interest to a layered bob. This look works particularly well on round faces.

Reese Witherspoon exudes casual chic in her ponytail with long, side-swept bangs that frame her pretty face. This look makes for the ideal look for anyone who appreciates simple elegance.

An exciting, messy high bun topped off with a side-swept fringe is an eye-catching combination that draws the focus onto your eyes and is also great for adding volume and thickness to thin locks.

Baby bangs

Baby bangs can be an ideal style addition or serve as a trendy trend that quickly dies out. Either way, baby bangs offer versatility that complements many hair types, framing the face without looking severe.

This look works particularly well on those with wavy locks and can help balance out facial structure. Just be sure to receive regular trims so your bangs don’t start falling into your eyes!