5 Ways to Part Your Hair

Switching up your part has the added advantage of keeping roots upright and fresh, as it reveals which side they naturally part on. Just comb through your hair until you find where it naturally divides! And the good news is, all the different ways of parting your hair are extremely flattering!

Slightly-Sided Part

A subtle side part is an iconic way to frame your face and add dimension. For optimal results, create this look by applying hair gel while your locks are wet, then using a rat-tail comb to move individual strands to their respective spots. Avoid touching your locks once dry though–oil from fingers can cause them to become greasy, altering the shape of your part. This style works for all hair types–thick or thin–just remember to reevaluate your part regularly as your locks grow to ensure it doesn’t look unkempt.

Middle Part

Middle parts have earned themselves a bad reputation as being too “math-y”, revealing all of your face at once. But middle parts are actually highly flattering; they create an illusion of slimmer cheekbones for rounder facial structures while working perfectly with symmetrical styles like curtain bangs. If a straight middle part is too severe for your tastes, try switching things up by softening it by creating an off-center style with tail comb. This middle part can work on any length of hair, from pin-straight to full coils.

Deep Side Part

When it comes to making an impression with your hairstyle, there’s two styles that stand out: side parting and the deep side-swept style. Both options create instant volume and dimension on top of your head – try Schwarzkopf Styliste ULTIME Amino-Q Foam Mousse for this high-impact style then secure with some hairspray! This versatile style works on hair of various lengths and textures. Curly locks fit right in with this textured side-swept style; make it your own by using multiple patterns of bobby pins across one heavier side for personalization purposes.

Messy Part

This quirky parting style is ideal for those who don’t wish to spend too much time creating an impressive appearance. Simply brush your hair back, detangle any knots or tangles before placing one eyebrow closer than usual on your tail end of comb, before pulling diagonally upwards through your locks towards another eyebrow’s inner corner and continuing until reaching crown level. To complete the look, use light styling products like mousse or sea salt spray; for shorter and medium length hair use putties and clays which hold your messy-looking style securely in place.