Hairstyles For Oval Shaped Heads

Oval-shaped heads feature long foreheads and soft, narrow jawlines, making them the ideal candidates for styles that accentuate these balanced proportions. Men with this face shape look great in classic crewcuts or slick fades, or with their heads shaved and polished. A classic blunt-cut bob is also suitable, or something with shaggy shoulder-length bangs is an option!

Long Layers

If your hair is long, consider using longer layers as an elegant frame around your face. Ask your stylist to feather the tips for an attractive finish; this style works beautifully on waist-length or longer locks and also works great if your locks have a thick texture.

If your hair is shorter, consider opting for a choppy bob with lots of layers and light bangs – it makes a remarkable statement and adds an effortless rock and roll aesthetic to your overall style! This timeless cut looks beautiful on both straight and textured locks alike and exudes rock ‘n roll appeal!

Mid-length hair can look chic in a deep side part and side-swept bob style, flattering all textures and balancing an oval-shaped face. Try texturizing spray for added texturizing effects to achieve this casual yet polished look; it is perfect for a brunch date or to wear with tailored suits to work!


Long, layered locks offer many styling possibilities. Wavy hair may look best left to fall naturally for an elegant, windswept style, or for straight locks, try creating beachy waves or texture through a blowout.

If your hair is short, a shoulder-grazing bob with face-framing layers can accentuate your beautiful oval shape by visually decreasing your forehead size and emphasizing cheekbones. For thicker locks, consider opting for a layered pixie cut that falls from your ears down toward mid lengths; just be sure to request plenty of texture in your chop!

Add drama to your look by wearing a low ponytail at the back of your head for an instant facelift. Make this hairstyle chicer by incorporating a thin, see-through fringe that can be styled over one eye, creating an alluring appearance.

Side Part

One of the best hairstyles for oval faces, a side part is an effective style for short and long tresses. Perfect for casual messy looks like Ed Westwick or more polished styles with texture like Taraji P. Henson’s, it never goes out of fashion and requires only regular trimming every 2-4 months for maintenance – plus you can jazz it up even more by adding Pete