Haircuts For the Old Man With Curly Hair

Curly hair doesn’t have to be an inconvenience for older men; with proper care and styling, this characteristic could become one of your most attractive features.

Taper Fade with Curly Hair

Add modernity to your look by pairing curly hair with a taper fade. This effortless style is low maintenance and will conceal any signs of thinning at the sides. You can style the top into a pompadour using texturizing products.

Long Curly Haircut

Long, curly haircuts are excellent for older men with natural-textured hair. They frame an angular or long face while creating the illusion of added volume. Tame any frizz by using light-styling products. Pair this haircut with an expertly groomed beard for an elegant finishing touch.

Short Curly Haircut

Consider this chic cut if you want a stylish haircut that showcases your natural curls. It features a longer top styled with fade and beard for an eye-catching finish. This style is ideal for older men with thin or receding hair, as it frames their faces while giving the appearance of added volume. Keep the curls under control using a light styling product, and you can wear this look casually or slicked back for formal events.

Long Beard Haircut

Pairing thicker strands with a long beard on the top layer of hair creates an iconic masculine look. This style can hide any thinning areas on your chin or jawline while boosting your self-confidence. Keep the beard two to three inches long and shape it with a flat, chiseled cut for more sculpted features. This style is perfect for older men with thin or receding hairlines, and you can add a mustache for added charm.

Long Blonde Haircut

Long blonde locks make an elegant and daring statement on older men. They can help hide thin patches of crown hair while making you stand out. Consider adding platinum hues for extra brilliance. Keep the front part neat and let the rest of the hair flow freely behind. Pair this look with a well-kempt beard for an unforgettable impression. A side part is an effective way to frame any face shape, particularly oval-shaped faces.

Curly Chopped Haircut

An adjustable fade haircut allows older men to experiment with various styling options. It can also help conceal areas where hair loss occurs by covering thin patches with volume. Achieve this look by styling your hair into a shag, longer on top and shorter around the sides and back. Brush all of your locks toward one side for a unique style. This unique style requires minimal upkeep and care, making it perfect for older men looking for something distinctive yet easy to manage.

Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk haircuts offer the chance to transform a flat top into something bold and trendy. Let your barber know that you want a mohawk so they can give you the proper cut. This high-impact style may require additional upkeep but stands out. Add a splash of color for added dimension and create an eye-catching hairstyle that will turn heads. Mohawk haircuts have become increasingly fashionable and offer various subdued variations that make a statement about individuality.