How to Make an Old Man With Curly hair Look Younger

1. Bed-head

Achieve a casual and messy look by styling products for curly hair or by air drying and scrunching for added volume and texture. Try texturizing spray for a charming and relaxed appearance.

2. Thin Hair

Restore fuller locks and create different styles for thin hair with the right haircut and styling products. Consider a comb-over or a pompadour style for more volume and a modern look.

3. Messy Texture

Hide thinning or baldness with a messy and casual style. A wavy or curly haircut, especially with salt and pepper coloring, works well. For a more sophisticated look, opt for short and loose styles that frame the face.

4. Cropped Hair

Embrace your curly hair with its unique textures and choose the right care products to maintain its health. Consider the French crop style for a rugged and clean look while keeping your hair moisturized.