The Number 2 Haircut


– The number 2 haircut leaves approximately 1/4-inch (6mm) of hair at the crown.

– It creates a balance between neatness and ruggedness.

– Can be worn with or without fades.


– The number 2 fade is achieved by trimming the sides and back with a 2 clipper guard.

– Creates a blended and graded effect.

– Provides low, medium, or high fade options.


– A number 2 haircut is very short and can be styled in multiple ways.

– Works well with beards to add definition to the face.

– Combining with a fade creates a tapered appearance.


– The top layer of a number 2 haircut is extremely short, measuring 6mm or one-quarter of an inch.

– Works best with a fade for a clean and polished look.

– Tapered lines accentuate the jawline for a masculine aesthetic.


– A beard helps add structure and height to the number 2 haircut.

– Balances proportions on different face shapes for a more chiseled appearance.