Haircut Numbers

Haircut numbers provide an easy method of communicating the desired haircut to your barber and help avoid confusion or miscommunication.

Number 0

The number 0 is the shortest option and involves shaving or using clippers without a guard. This haircut suits people seeking a low-maintenance solution or experiencing hair loss.

Number 1

A number one haircut involves trimming hair to an eighth of an inch. This is the shortest length possible without using a guard on your clippers and is often used as the foundation for taper fade and skin/bald fade cuts. Your scalp will still show, so this style may only suit some. Consider trying a number 2 instead for some added variety.

Number 2

Men typically opt for the number 2 haircut, which features hair clipper sizes with one-fourth-inch blade lengths. It works well on both thick and thin locks and can be ideal for individuals who desire short locks but still need to prepare to go completely bald. Additionally, this hairstyle can create fades and pompadours. However, remember that this style exposes more scalp than desired, so it may be better for people who are self-conscious about this aspect.

Number 3

The number 3 haircut is slightly longer than number 1, leaving more hair on the head. It is also known as a zero fade and can be styled into popular haircuts like buzz cuts or crew cuts for added versatility. However, it still exposes many scalp areas, which may not be ideal if you have thin locks. This clipper size cuts to a one-fourth-inch length and is the longest fade haircut barbers use. It is perfect for those who wish to keep their hair short without going full buzz cut yet.

Number 4

The number 4 haircut leaves some short length of hair that allows you to create fashionable styles, including buzz cuts and fades/tapers from other cut numbers. It can be used for buzz cuts as well. A number 4 haircut is also perfect for people seeking short and stylish cuts but doesn’t feel they need more time to commit to a full bald buzz cut. This style can also be parted to create parted styles and fades for versatility. It offers easy maintenance yet stunning results!

Number 5

The number 5 haircut is an excellent option for people who prefer shorter styles but are uncomfortable showing their scalp. It leaves approximately one-half-inch of hair that can be styled into various looks. Though still straightforward, this length is less revealing than zero and is often used for buzz cuts and fades between clipper lengths. Furthermore, it can also be used for side-parted hairstyles and quiffs or fringes.

Number 6

A number 6 haircut is the next clipper size up from zero-fade cuts, leaving more length for styling. It is perfect for summer days when heat can make things difficult for us all. This low-maintenance style keeps the scalp cool while remaining low upkeep. It is an option for those not ready for skin/bald fade haircuts. This cut leaves the front section at a number 6 length while other parts are cut down to lower hair lengths.

Number 7

Like number 0, the number 7 haircut involves shaving your head or using clippers without guards for maximum simplicity and minimal maintenance. This style is excellent for people seeking an easygoing look! It is an eighth inch longer than the number 0 haircut and leaves your locks just long enough to reveal some scalp. It is used primarily as part of fade haircuts and often combined with other styles like the buzz cut or crew cut for maximum effectiveness.

Number 8

The number 8 haircut leaves an inch of hair, providing enough material to create popular looks like the faux hawk. In addition, this short yet manageable haircut keeps your scalp cool by keeping hair short while simultaneously keeping scalp temperatures down. This clipper size is perfect for those seeking a skin fade or buzz cut with plenty of hair left on top and works well with various other styles. This style makes an excellent option for keeping your locks short.