The Weirdest New Beauty Trend to Hit Instagram

1. It’s a beauty fad

Trends come and go in beauty, from dramatic brows to glitter tongues. But one recent phenomenon on social media may take the cake: nose hair extensions! Several Instagram fashionistas are adopting it and growing out their nostril hairs for an appearance of longer growth – an odd yet bizarre trend that seems like its popularity will only continue growing over time.

This strange new trend began back in 2017 with Instagram user @gret_chen_chen posting a selfie showing off her nose hair extensions. Since then, Nose Hair Extensions has been used over 400 times on social media, with numerous photos and videos depicting those attempting to recreate it.

2. It’s a joke

One beauty vlogger decided to explore the latest ridiculous social media trend — nose hair extensions –but quickly found herself losing followers who found no humor in it. @gret_chen_chen, who started this trend on Instagram, initially claimed she did it as a joke – however, it quickly spread. Allure reported on it when it first emerged, and hundreds of Instagram photos already use the the Nose Hair Extensions hashtag.

The trend began after @gret_chen_chen shared two photos on her social media page showing herself wearing fake eyelashes attached to her nostrils, which went viral and inspired others to extend their nose hairs using this method. But is this an actual beauty trend or simply an internet joke? Here is what you need to know.

3. It’s a trend

Beauty professionals love creating crazy trends such as fur nails, squiggly eyebrows, and nose hair extensions. One such unique trend was first popularized by Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen in 2017; she advocated gluing eyelash extensions onto the tops of nostrils to form this look. Her photo went viral, inspiring others to experiment with adding extensions to their noses and following suit. Unfortunately, however, the trend quickly became popular but has since subsided temporarily.

TooFab reports that nose hair extensions have made a comeback. Social media posts with the Nose Hair Extensions hashtag have been shared over 400 times; videos featuring people trying out this look have received over 147,000 views on Youtube alone! Just because something is popular doesn’t mean people should try it; its risks far outweigh its popularity; plus, we still need to figure out how best to maintain its look once applied to someone’s nose!

4. It’s a beauty fail

Nose hair extensions stand out in a world of strange trends like glitter tongues and squiggly eyebrows as an unusual yet peculiar trend. It began in 2017 after Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen posted a photo showing herself with fake eyelashes attached to her nostrils – it quickly went viral, prompting people to copy this look by using Nose Hair Extensions as part of their hashtag search terms. One vlogger created a tutorial video on how to apply extensions, which was watched over 113,000 times. Some viewers may have found the video amusing; others found it revolting and made sure their opinions were heard in the comments section.

Even after receiving criticism, many individuals still attempt to add nose hair extensions and share their results online using Nose Hair Extensions as part of a viral internet show or simply for their own curiosity. While it might be interesting, remember it is not real – in fact, it should be avoided at all costs as a major beauty faux pas!