Nice Short Haircuts Male

Attractive short haircuts males are versatile, stylish, and simple to care for. From modern takes on Caesar cuts to high skin fade fades with combovers, these styles accentuate your unique features while remaining easy to maintain. A butch cut or textured French crop will make it appear thicker for thin hair. Skilled barbers understand how to style it to enhance your jawline and proportions, thus giving it a new lease on life.

High and Tight

Nothing signals confidence like a high and tight haircut. This style features closely cropped sides with longer top hair left for styling. It’s perfect for men with red hair who wish to appear both sexy and confident. It even looks great on men sporting full beards! Add a twist to your high and tight haircut by incorporating fades, comb-overs, or creating vast spikes on top for an eye-catching style. However, remember that this look will require lots of hair gel and regular maintenance to maintain. A classic high and tight haircut with a fade is suitable for any special event and easy to maintain – this style works exceptionally well when combined with a full beard.

Ivy League

The Ivy League haircut is an iconic style for men seeking to add extra flare to their looks. Often combined with a fade, but can also feature tapering or undercuts – the class makes a statement and works well when combined with other techniques. It’s ideal for men with square-shaped faces as it helps soften their facial features and is easy to manage. Plus, it pairs nicely with beards and suits! Those seeking an Ivy League haircut should select a shortcut that falls approximately one-quarter inch below their natural hairline, leaving one or a half inches longer in front that can be parted or combed outwards for easy styling or parting.

Crew Cut

One of the top short haircuts for men, this timeless style is ideal for square faces. It’s easy to style and pairs well with boxed beards if desired. The crew cut is also fantastic when worn in messy styles, mainly when using point-cutting techniques or GATSBY Inside Lock Natural Lift products as hair styling aids for creating this look. While traditional crew cuts were all about keeping things neat and tidily styled, more recently, this style can be seen with more rugged textures like brushed-back, side-swept, or left with a slight quiff style.


The pompadour haircut is ideal for guys with thick locks naturally forming into voluminous curls. The style combines the classiness of classic pumps with tapered sides for an impressive and dashing appearance that makes an impression at formal events or casual get-togethers alike. This style can be worn with straight or wavy hair and complements various facial structures. For optimal results, comb a thin line of pomade through your hair after towel drying to achieve this look. Unlike other haircuts that require frequent trimming and styling, modern pompadours typically only need salon visits every 4-6 weeks for maintenance, making it an excellent option for men who lead busy lives.

Textured Crop

The textured crop has become one of men’s most fashionable short haircuts. It’s perfect for all hair textures, especially wavy or curly locks. This look features cropped sides with a longer top and can be styled using salt sprays, texturizing powders, or a light hair cream like Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to achieve its distinctive style. If you want the Peaky Blinders vibe, ask your barber to add many textured layers and a high fade. A jagged fringe adds an eye-catching rugged edge while showing off thick hair to its full potential. Plus, this look works wonderfully at concealing receding hairlines!


A fade, also known as a taper or military reg, is a style that starts near the skin and gradually tapers upward to any length desired on top. You can choose to go for either a low, mid, or high fade, depending on what look suits you best. A short, messy fringe with a taper fade is an eye-catching, bold style that will set you apart. Pair it with a sleek back, modern comb-over, or faux hawk for maximum impact. If your hair has curls, ask your barber to add plenty of texture for a polished finish – using Regal Gentleman matte hair clay can ensure its naturalness!