Nice Black Haircuts For Men

Black hair can be bold, stylish, and beautiful if done right. Plus, its maintenance can be simple; all it requires is knowledge to look fantastic! Display your natural curls while rocking an eye-catching hair design with this high sponge haircut and fade combination. Wear this stunning style anywhere for maximum impact.

Afro Fade

An Afro can make any age look their best, especially when combined with a fade. Your barber can adorn it with any fade imaginable, such as low taper fade, box fade, temp fade, or even bald fade; add fresh lines up or designs to make it pop out and stand out truly.

An effective way to highlight your afro without spending much time styling it, skin fading is an effortless way to highlight its shape and structure. Ask your barber to start the fade by shaving its first guideline where desired (if the skin is fading). He should then use a number one guard comb and continue up the following line, leaving just some hair above it for added definition.

High Top

The High Top Fade is an effortless hairstyle that’s simple to maintain, no matter your type of hair or the texture. From straight locks to dreadlocks, it can showcase your individuality and style while giving a rugged finish to any look. Pairing this classic look with short or full beards adds even more rugged charm!

Another interesting variation on the high-top fade is a skin fade, which combines your sides and back hairline for a clean-cut appearance. It works exceptionally well on black men with curly locks – just be sure to maintain their nourishment, as these curly locks can quickly dry out!

Mohawk Fade

Mohawks can add an eye-catching element to any look, especially when combined with fades. This chic combination creates an intriguing juxtaposition between polished and punk styles and is the ideal way to express individuality and personal style.

This black mohawk fade features a wide strip of hair atop that is separated by low fade and shaved lines, as well as slightly curved shaved lines around its burst fade for an artistic finish.

This mohawk features a smooth and sleek appearance accentuated by the dark, high fade. Bristle-short hair keeps this style looking short. Pairing the look with a beard completes the ensemble.

Man Bun

Man buns are currently the sartorial choice of many black men. A stand-out statement of rebellious style that challenges traditional short and neat haircuts while at the same time challenging gender norms and stereotypes.

Although hair maintenance doesn’t need to be high-maintenance, having the right product in your arsenal is critical for looking sharp and polished. We suggest SheaMoisture Men Argan Oil