A New Style of Mullet Haircut

A mullet haircut featuring blonde highlights and choppy layers is an easy and low-maintenance hairstyle for all textures, making it the ideal way to add flair.

Side bangs

The modern Mullet is an elegant and versatile hairstyle that suits anyone, men and women alike. This style can be worn with or without a fade; in any case, it must always be shorter than your top and back hairline for optimal effect. Wearing it makes you resemble 1950s dancers or magicians, delights audiences, or it can even be slicked back or on either side for a more sophisticated appearance.

Shaved designs

The Mullet has long been recognized for its distinctive look. This is seen in hockey players such as Jaromir Jagr, country singers such as Doja Cat, and even musicians such as Rihanna. Doja Cat’s style stands out as it has some flow and is nicely defined by her short bangs with short texture.

Textured sides

Layered Mullet fades with long textured sides are perfect for channeling a more masculine aesthetic. Perfect for casual business attire and sure to turn heads, this variation adds rock-n-roll flair and will turn heads at the office! However, be wary not to go too short at the back as this could result in a skullet-style haircut – which would not be ideal!

Curly-haired version

The textured side version of the mullet cut works on hair of any texture or type, from curly locks to straight ones. Curly-haired guys may find that it fits their natural volume better, as it helps disguise their change in length more naturally. A little hair product will keep those loose strands in place if needed; alternatively, you could combine styles like low/medium fade, pompadour, or slick back into it to personalize and create your unique mullet style!

Bold and Masculine

If you want to switch up your look, try this bold variation of the classic Mullet: shaving off or closely cropping sides while leaving longer length at the back for an eye-catching style that combines masculinity with femininity. The result will make an unforgettable statement!

Curly-haired with Textured locks

If your locks are naturally curly, this modern mullet haircut with textured waves may also suit you well. Ideal for long wavy locks and easily maintained with Unite Hair’s Blow