New Curly Hair Styles

If you have medium curly hair, try opting for a shag cut – it will accentuate its natural coils while complementing any face shape! This style can bring out all of its charm. Use volumizing mousse and light scrunching motion to define your curls, and be sure to choose a shampoo and conditioner without silicones to avoid stripping away moisture from your locks.

Long Curls

An elegant evening outing calls for sophisticated hairstyles. Long and voluminous curly locks frame your face beautifully while emphasizing natural beauty. To prevent too many bulky curls from emerging at once, layering up or adding subtle highlight streaks might help. One effective way to control circles is by using lightweight mousse or styling cream. Apply it directly onto damp hair, and scrunch your locks gently before defining them with some hairspray for added definition. If you have longer hair, experiment with a side or zig-zag part to add variety and flair to your style. This style shows off cheekbones for an eye-catching, feminine finish. If you want even more dimension in your class, add tight spiral curls with a skinny curling wand and lightly tease them afterward for fuller curls – once they’re set, make sure you add hairspray as well to keep those beautiful bouncy coils secure for all day long!

Short Curls

An effective short curly hairstyle can bring out your curls’ total volume and texture, such as with a pixie cut or cropped haircut with layers. Your rings will appear fuller and well-formed as you tease or comb your ringlets for everyday wear or give them an extravagant glossy sheen for special events or occasions. Dark balayage works particularly well on curly locks, bringing out their depth while giving them more life than ever! Your next option for an eye-catching and flirty style could be a layered bob with loose ringlets that are full of personality and flirtiness. To achieve this look, it is recommended that you consult with a stylist experienced with cutting textured cuts for curly hair to ensure precision in the amount, shape, and definition of each ringlet without taking away its seductive purpose. You could add color accents on top or bangs based on what works with your facial features and hair structure for additional oomph!

Wavy Curls

Wavy hair can be both beneficial and challenging. The coils of wavy locks can frame the face beautifully or form loose beachy waves that look unruly; or stick out whimsically in all directions. Furthermore, their curvatures make them vulnerable to frizzing and tangles, necessitating additional care when styling them. Those with wavy curly hair should select products to enhance its texture, such as Kerastase Densifique Bodifying Shampoo and Conditioner, which ranked highly in Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab’s product test. Next, apply light mousse at your roots, then curl the cream to the mid-lengths and ends for best results. Wavy hair can be easily controlled with braids or wrapped in a headband overnight, like Vivian V’s heatless tutorial. Or add boho charm by creating pin curls with an iron, allowing them to relax naturally by day’s end.

Man Bun

Man buns have only sometimes been popular among men; however, their rise has significantly increased. While we cannot predict their longevity or whether this fad will pass, man buns indeed appear here to stay for now. However, a man bun is distinct for several reasons, including its distinctive look and versatility; it can even be worn to the gym or on a pub crawl! These qualities make the man bun an eye-catcher! A man bun featuring a slick burst fade, and natural textures peeking through adds an edge, while its rugged beard adds rugged charm. The slippery surface keeps things neat, creating an overall clean and tidy appearance. This look is great for anyone wanting to feel powerful and confident; to elevate it further, add braiding for an additional element of refinement; it combines two popular trends into one unique look and is sure to turn heads wherever it goes!