Choosing a New Boys Hair Style

When selecting a new boy’s hair style, numerous choices are available. Some classes are trendy, while others are more classic. No matter which option you choose, always ensure it fits the personality and taste of your child.

Stylish Side Part with Quiff

Boys looking to stand out can opt for a stylish yet cool side part with a quiff. This haircut is easy to maintain and looks fantastic across different hair textures and lengths.

Subdued Mohawk with Skin Fade

Mohawks with skin fades offer a more subdued take on this classic hairstyle. Instead of making the middle strip the focal point, its support comes from lower fades on both sides. The contrast against longer top strands creates an eye-catching finish, ideal for boys who wish to appear more refined.

Basic Mohawk with High Fade

This engaging and eye-catching style features a basic mohawk with a high fade. The candy floss pink dye adds an eye-catching element, while faded lines shaved into the sides help define its shape.

Undercut with Hard Part

This brushed-back undercut with a hard part is ideal for boys looking clean and fashionable. The fade on the sides and back gives this style more masculine elements, while its length provides enough to form quiffs or pompadours. Its easy maintenance makes this look great even without hair gel or wax!

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is an easy, low-maintenance hairstyle for boys that’s both stylish and low maintenance. The sides of this style can be kept short, while the top can be clipped uniformly. Your barber can tailor this style to you, with fades beginning either high or low on the head for additional definition and custom design!

Shag Haircut

Straight-haired boys can use the shag style to add texture and shape for an eye-catching look. Emo shags make great rebellious and androgynous style statement pieces. Ask your stylist about adding layers with side partings for longer locks, as a side parting will frame your face better than anything else!

Scissor Cut

Scissor cuts are an excellent solution for boys who avoid frequent barber shop trips. It creates an effortless yet low-maintenance style that works well with any hair texture or tone. This haircut is particularly suitable for short-haired boys as it allows you to shape them into dapper looks with ease.

Middle-Part Haircut

Middle-part haircuts are an eye-catching style that seamlessly combines short and long elements. This creates an eye-catching style perfect for boys looking to add flair to their locks. A rat tail comb should be used to create an exact part, while mousse or texture spray may help increase volume.

Drop Fade with Quiff

Drop fade with quiff is an excellent haircut option for boys with thick, textured hair. This style allows them to show off their unique texture while still having an appealing and stylish appearance for school and work environments. You can style it into an eye-catching mohawk or keep it more formal by taming or shaping its top layer into a quiff.

Remember, when choosing a new boy’s hair style, consider the preferences and personality of your child to ensure the best fit.