New Black Haircut Styles

Black haircut styles today look hip, modern, and highly adaptable – you can change them whenever it suits you best!

A faded haircut

Works exceptionally well on curly or coily textures of hair. It involves shortening both the sides and back while lifting the top to form a rounder head shape.

High Top Fade

A timeless classic for black hair, the high top fade adds shape and dimension to any style. In this look, the top coat is textured using sleek water pomade while showing off its natural curls for a beautiful contrast with heavily faded sides and back. A tight lineup and a well-groomed beard are great accessories for this look.

High Fade with Raked Hair on Top

A high fade with a rounded top creates an eye-catching style that showcases your natural kinks. This cut provides a clean and stylish finish, enabling your natural locks to flourish in a wavy manner.

Mid Taper Fades

It is an elegant yet fashionable style for black men, creating a gradual transition between your longer top hair and shorter sides and back of head hair. Your barber can add designs for added flair.

High Fade with Twist-Outs

A high fade with twisted hair is an eye-catching and stylish style, that shows off black men’s natural texture. While this haircut requires regular moisturization and twisting sessions, its result will create an irresistibly chic style featuring an irresistibly unique shaved design at the nape.

Bleached and Partially Bleached Twists

Made a comeback, inspired by NFL player Odell Beckham. Opting for this trending hairstyle with its bold, eye-catching, and sophisticated appearance will set you apart.


An iconic and versatile hairstyle, ideally suited to various hair textures and lengths. Black men looking to showcase their full and voluminous top, while maintaining a more masculine style should opt for this look.

Temple Fade with Twists

Temple fades are an understated styling detail that can complement various men’s haircuts. They work exceptionally well when combined with pompadours, drawing attention to their height and volume. Furthermore, this look looks excellent paired with complex parts or neatly trimmed beards.

Brooklyn Fade

Popularized by Cillian Murphy from Peaky Blinders, it combines a high skin fade with frohawk, providing an ideal solution for black hair with texture.

Mohawk Fade

The Mohawk with Fade hairstyle is an eye-catching statement piece perfect for black men looking to showcase their personality and coolness.

Low Taper Fade Haircuts

Offer a seamless transition between longer lengths on top and shorter layers on sides and back, creating an effortless style option to suit any taste or preference.

Skin Fade Mohawk

It is a striking and eye-catching style featuring closely shaved sides with long, kinky locks on top. Add sharp lines as part of this look to add more edge and sophistication.

Burst Fade with Customized Designs

It is a variation on the classic fade haircut that allows barbers to customize one side of your head with unique designs, perfect for those seeking an eye-catching style that matches their individuality.

Flat Top

Flat-top fade haircuts are one of the classic black male haircuts, offering endless styling possibilities with multiple top lengths and degrees of fade intensity for an exclusive and striking appearance.

Make an impactful statement with your flat top by pairing it with an eye-catching hair design on the sides for an unforgettable look. Endless combinations are available, so you can select one that perfectly complements your texture.

This hairstyle is a favorite among African-American men because it provides an edgy, clean aesthetic while being easy to care for – perfect for low-maintenance guys!