Cool Wallpapers – Tips to Straighten Curly hair

There are several ways to straighten hair without damaging your scalp, one of which is by using natural ways to straighten hair. For instance, if you want to have that in a more healthy condition and do not want to use chemical methods in straightening, you may want to consider the use of olive oil, banana leaves, egg, almond, or sesame seeds to straighten that. All of these ingredients can be easily found in your local market and it doesn’t cost you anything at all. If you are planning to buy the above ingredients in order to prepare the mixture to apply on that, you can search for “olia”, “olive oil”, “eggs”, “nutmeg” or “sesam,” depending on the kind of mixture that you will prepare.

A natural way to straighten curly hair can be quite useful when styling hair does not require the use of hot appliances or chemicals. Some people use hot rollers on their hair to style it, but this is actually damaging and strips natural oils from the hair that helps to make that curly. If you are suffering from curly hair then relax because there are many easy natural ways to straighten it. From natural hair straighteners to simple ways to manage wet hair, here are some simple techniques to make hair straight again.

How to Straighten Natural Hair Without a Relaxer


If you wish to have beautiful and straight hair, then it is best if you will be able to know on how to straighten natural hair without a relaxer. There are numerous ways by which one can straighten that without any relaxer such as using blow dryers, curling iron and many more. However, it is strongly recommended that before you go straightening that at home, you should first consult your physician. Your physician will let you know whether or not flat irons and other straighteners are safe for that as well as what the possible side effects of these devices might be.