Achieve a Light Red Blonde Look Without Changing Your Hair Color

For those with naturally red hair, bleaching can be an enormous transformation in image and personal harmony. Various techniques are available to create a blonde hue that’s eye-catching yet complements your complexion perfectly.

Strawberry Balayage

Strawberry balayage is an exquisite way to add color without drastically lightening your strands—the subtle and warm tone pairs beautifully with beachy locks.


If you want to try a light red-blonde shade without already having naturally red locks, ask your stylist about the balayage color technique, which involves hand-painting crimson red and dirty blonde highlights in an organic fashion – it’s a great way to show off this trend without going overboard! Chocolate cherry is another beautiful option for those seeking a subtle reddish brown tone that looks fresh. It is exceptionally well suited for brunettes who wish to add a splash of red without bleaching over their natural hue. Remember that bleaching over red hair will take longer to achieve the desired shade than darker hues. Use products specifically formulated for blonde color-treated locks to keep them healthy and vibrant.


Add semi-vivid red highlights to light, naturally blond hair for the best of both worlds – it will allow you to experience all that red hue has to offer without significantly changing its shade. This look is ideal for blondes who wish to experiment with this hue but do not wish to commit fully, or need more natural blonde dye for dramatic transformations. Strawberry blonde is an approachable and pleasant shade that offers subtle red tones – an ideal option for girls who wish to experiment with lighter red hues but lack the skin tones necessary for deeper hues. Furthermore, strawberry blonde can be an easy gateway into darker tones for white blondes who may wish to switch things up gradually. Blending red and blonde locks requires choosing an effective blending technique – like balayage or ombre. Your selection will have an impactful result!


Orange-red hair is an exceptional shade that suits many skin tones, especially when combined with blonde highlights. This dynamic brown-to-blonde to-red ombre color melt adds a stunning dimension that elevates any haircut and style. Use nourishing products designed for blonde color-treated locks to maintain healthy ones despite treatments. If you want to lighten your hair, visit a salon to ensure that any brassiness and over-orange hues do not occur. Lightening at home too quickly may bring out darker pigments that turn your locks yellow or orange; to prevent this, choose a warm-toned dye that complements your natural hue, such as Rumer Willis’s strawberry red shade from Ice Breaker, which looks gorgeous against her fair complexion.


Light reddish brown is an eye-catching shade that works beautifully as both full head color and highlights, featuring red’s flexibility and the blonde’s warmth to flatter all skin tones. Consider trying a burgundy red balayage on dark roots for an easy transition into blonde or a deep red ombre with brown highlights – either look will turn heads with its vibrant beauty and rich blend of colors! When transitioning from red hair, take your time when going blonde. Bleaching red locks is not, complex, and seeking professional advice from a trained stylist is always recommended to achieve your ideal blonde and red color combination.


Copper hair looks rich, shiny, and vibrant when styled with a blonde base to help prolong its color. Requesting a root melt can create depth while eliminating demarcations between natural color and newly dyed dyeing techniques. Dark copper hues are ideal for brunettes because they don’t require too much bleaching. A few ribbons of golden copper woven through deep brown shades create this penny-esque effect with a diamond-like shine. Curly hair looks fantastic with copper red hues, especially when accented with subtle light gold and strawberry blonde highlights. A nourishing mask like dpHUE’s ACV hair rinse can keep your strands healthy and strong to help hold onto color better; additionally, use Nexxus Color Assure shampoo and conditioner to extend its wear between salon visits.