How to Shop For Natural-Looking Wigs

Tamika Gibson, an Atlanta-based celebrity hair and wig stylist, recommends seeking out human hair with monofilament caps as the most realistic solution when selecting an ideal natural-looking wig.

Lace Front Wig

This type of wig features a thin frontal lacing that mimics your hairline and blends into your skin color perfectly. Testers describe it as both comfortable and natural-looking.

Straight-Hair Wig

Straight hair wigs offer endless customization possibilities, from texture and length options to highlights or ombre treatments for an elevated aesthetic. To ensure optimal results and prevent tangling, choose a straight-hair wig made from high-quality hair and use a wig cap to protect your natural scalp and keep the wig in place. Proper care can extend the wig’s lifespan to six months or more. Regularly wash the wig to remove product buildup, use volumizing products, or tease the roots to create fullness and thickness. When heat styling, use heat protectant spray to avoid damaging the wig fibers.

Long-Hair Wig

Long-hair wigs provide more styling possibilities and are less prone to tangling. Before purchasing a long-hair wig, consider head and weather measurements, as humidity can affect how the wig fits and feels. Synthetic wigs come pre-styled for ease and maintenance, while human hair wigs require more styling but provide a more realistic/natural finish. Ellen Wille’s Xenita model in wavy blonde or red Remy hair replicates natural growth direction and has been praised for its natural and comfortable look.

Pixie-Cut Wig

A pixie cut wig features feathery, brow-skimming bangs and short, expertly-textured layers. This contemporary wig requires minimal maintenance due to its easy care of Kanekalon synthetic fibers. Heat-resistant permease technology and open cap construction create lightweight comfort, and adjustable ear tabs allow a personalized fit. Pixie cuts are significant for anyone wanting a fresh start or to enhance their features, and they are particularly suitable for those experiencing temporary hair loss from chemotherapy treatments.

Bob-Cut Wig

Bob-style wigs are flattering and timeless, suitable for every facial structure. Their lightweight construction makes maintenance quick and straightforward. Lace front bobs offer a natural-looking hairline, and the bob’s length can be customized. UNice provides a selection of bob wigs in various sizes and colors for different styles. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep the wig looking its best and extend its lifespan.