Protective Natural Hairstyles For Long Hair

Natural hairstyles for long hair are an incredible way to showcase their unique, lush texture. Just be sure to wear protective styles that protect it from frizz, breakage, and heat damage. Whether your locks are straight or full of lush coils and coils, these beautiful natural hairstyles will elevate your royal look and regal presence.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is similar to its close relative, the mohawk, but more in terms of hairstyle than haircut. You’ll need medium-length hair and an innovative styling product like pomade or gel to create this unique look. This trendy look makes a statement while remaining subtle enough for everyday life. It can make you stand out among the crowd.

Professional men looking for an alternative style without fully committing to it may opt for a short faux hawk with taper fade for their next style experiment. This look features plenty of contrast and an eye-catching geometric line detail.

Braids are an easy and chic way to add some flair to a faux hawk style. This look combines French and Dutch braids for an eye-catching finish.

Twisted Updo

An updo with twisted cornrows that resemble a crown is one of the best natural hairstyles for long hair. Perfect for special events and all hair textures, it works particularly well when combined with a vibrant printed scarf to elevate its aesthetics.

Create an elegant style by styling flat twists into single free twists for an eye-catching criss-cross pattern and flowing mohawk effect. This look can be easily maintained using edge control.

Braided styles work best on shorter hair lengths, making them an elegant addition to any updo style. Add a back crown braid for an eye-catching style that showcases your natural texture.

Head Wrap

One of our go-to protective styles, this look is great when you need a break from styling or want an easy and adorable way to keep your locks out of your face. Wrap your strands up into a top bun like YouTuber Akilah does here.

Make an eye-catching statement with flat twists by applying curl cream to damp strands and untwisting them once dry.

Your sleek and stylish ‘will only require some elegant bobby pins or clips to complete; then, once done, you’ll have a stunning style that instantly elevates any wardrobe. Additionally, this look works on all hair textures and lengths – just be sure to use quality products that hydrate both strands and the scalp for the best results.

Drawstring Ponytail

No matter the texture of your locks, a sleek ponytail will create the ultimate crown-tie style. Simple yet chic, this look can be easily worn anywhere from formal dinners to dance parties – spray water or leave-in conditioner onto your locks to tame texture and add shine!

For a casual yet chic look, try this softly bouncier bubble ponytail style that’s full of volume and movement. Choose neutral-hued hair ties if you want an understated appearance; adding bright ones can give a playful edge!

This Afro Kinky Ponytail is ideal for black women seeking length and volume in one protective style. To create this style, start by bundling your natural hair in a low bun before attaching an Afro Puff Drawstring Ponytail Hairpiece. Once completed, fluff it up until desired, and enjoy this stylish protective style!

Curly Clip-Ins

Curly girls seeking new ways to style their locks should consider trying a curly clip-in hairstyle. These kinky extensions provide you with extra length without having to deal with growing your locks out, and styling it the same way you would your natural tresses is manageable. Wash, condition, and detangle kinky clip-ins before styling as usual!

Make this hairstyle even chicer by adding a deep side part. Finish the look off with shine spray to keep your locks glossy all day.

Make this look more sophisticated by adding a crown braid. To do so, section and twist your hair back behind your head before fastening it with claw clips and gripping loose strands using hair grips.