5 Natural Hairstyle Ideas For Women With Short Natural Hair

Tapered Cut

If you have short natural hair, a tapered cut can create an elegant, put-together style while still letting your curls flourish. This style features a deep side part and laid edges which frame your face and can look polished while giving your natural curls room to move.

Protective Braids with Beads

Protective braids are always an intelligent option in the fall season, especially for short-lest blondes. Try pairing one of your protective braids with wooden beads to add visual interest and draw people’s eyes toward your style!

Afro Puff

Women with short natural hair looking to add some polish can opt for an afro puff for an elegant and easy style. This technique is simple and looks beautiful when paired with accessories. Afro puff hairstyles look incredibly gorgeous, with cornrows or bangs dyed in bold hues. Additionally, this helps add volume and variety to the style as it creates more exotic-looking locks.

Low-Puff Braid Outs

Try low-puff braid outs if you need more time to get ready for an Afro Puff. They offer more creative options when adding safety pins for extra flair. Perfect for when your curly Afro gets tired; an excellent choice for special events too.

Twist Out

There are various ways to style natural hair and keep it looking its best. One such style is the twist out, which requires no heat for full curls while still protecting the ends of hair and sleeping on. A twisted-out will look fantastic no matter the color of her locks! Before attempting the style, however, it is vitally important to detangle your hair using either a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to prevent tangles that could otherwise unravel the twists. Furthermore, sleeping on a satin scarf allows your twists to dry entirely before unwinding them, and using an effective moisturizer will maintain their health and luster.


Half-up styles offer many advantages, from casual to chic looks. Whether it’s for work or socializing with friends, this versatile look instantly elevates your outfit and can add the perfect finishing touch with statement Bantu knots for added prestige. If you want to add texture and visual interest to your Afro, try a twist or braid out for a modern take. Or go for the sleek side-parted bun like Lupita Nyong’o for an ultra-glam style that is easy to achieve and the ideal way to wear full, blunt bangs without being fully Mohawked!

Pixie Cut

If super short hair can conceal your femininity, consider the pixie cut an eye-catching solution that will allow your makeup and accessories to stand out. Furthermore, this easy-care style works with all hair types and colors! This pixie cuts hair from the sides and back while leaving the top longer; therefore, it can be worn with or without bangs. Choppy layers also create a face-framing effect – create this slicked-back style using medium to firm-hold styling products! A bold pixie cut can make a statement that fits most face shapes and hair types. Select a shade that complements your complexion and any of the many available ombre or balayage hues to experiment with. Pixie cuts work exceptionally well due to being easier to maintain than long highlighted locks.


Dreadlocks are an attractive and distinctive style, adding flair and panache to any head. However, proper care must be taken in maintaining them to prevent dry or damaged locks from developing. If you need help with how best to care for them, consult a professional loctician. Some may view dreadlocks with disdain, while others use them as a form of self-expression and personal freedom. Some find having dreadlocks helps develop their sense of self-worth while decreasing dependence on external approval. Dreadlocks can provide significant advantages to hair health by locking moisture and nutrients inside your locks tightly and are extremely easy to care for; just ensure to wash your dreadlocks at an optimal frequency for the best results!