Top 5 Natural Curly Hair Updos

1. Twisted Braid

Try this gorgeous yet effortless twist hair updo for an effortlessly cute twisted updo that requires minimum upkeep and can combine styles. Begin with a side part, fishtail braid a small section of strands, secure with bobby pins, and accessorize further by pinning up some tendrils for an eye-catching style! Senegalese twists are an exquisite way to show off their texture! Gather them into an impressive high chunky or fancy half updo for a beautiful formal look! Add vibrant hues to your twisted updo for a striking, eye-catching updo that will turn heads at any event. A light hairspray should keep flyaways at bay, and opt for elastics and bobby pins that match your natural hair color for best results.

2. Sleek Ponytail

This elegant ponytail with thick braids at the top looks stylish for any event, adding elegance. Additionally, this look works particularly well when worn alongside full makeup and an elaborate gown. Apply a curl-enhancing cream or gel to damp hair and part it in a low ponytail at the crown of your head, teasing for extra volume and height. Create a book with tease hair extensions if desired for this gorgeous updo. Once this step is done, take one side section and create a French braid, pinning it underneath your ponytail and repeat with the other side section. Add more twists for an eye-catching effect, or accessorize this elegant updo with hair flowers or any other accessories for added product.

3. Twisted Bun

With practice and some instruction, this easy updo can be completed in seconds – perfect for adding flair and volume to natural curly locks for special events like weddings and proms! Gather your curls into a high ponytail and secure them with a metallic bun cuff for added support. Pin in place using bobby pins for added security – and you’re set! This twisted updo is ideal for anyone with medium to long-length haircuts. It looks fantastic with formal attire and can be further embellished by adding decorative accessories. Reese Witherspoon debuted her twisted updo at the Mud premiere. This look can easily be dressed for any special event with accessories like clips, beads, or flowers to achieve that classic Hollywood glamour.

4. Twisted Ponytail with Tendrils

This chic style may be needed if you want to show off your curls in an elegant updo. Instead of smoothing back your locks, twist and pin them into a low ponytail while leaving some face-framing tendrils loose at the front for added effect. If your hair is too short for a ponytail, don’t despair; create a side braid and pin it at the base of your ponytail for an unforgettable updo! Feel free to add face-framing tendrils for even more incredible beauty. This updo is ideal for days when your hair refuses to cooperate, yet you need an elegant style fast. Be sure to use a frizz-fighting product so your curls remain soft and beautiful!

5. Twisted Ponytail

Whether your hair is freshly washed or second-day curls, this ponytail will make you look chic and polished. Start by starting with a low ponytail secured with an elastic. Next, begin braiding sections of hair loosely – this creates the ideal look. After completing all the braids, they were gathered together into a twisted ponytail! To complete the look, add a decorative hairpin at the base of your ponytail and lightly spray with hairspray to secure its twists. Add drama and texture to your look by opting for this gorgeous twisted updo style for curly hair. It is ideal for formal events like weddings and parties and showing off natural curliness. It is an attractive style suitable for women who wish to show their natural texture with this chic style!