Updos For Natural Curly Hair

Establishing updos that enhance natural curls requires careful handling and the appropriate haircare products, along with experimentation in styles like braiding, twisting, and pinning while using frizz-fighting products to keep curls intact.

If you’re searching for an easy yet sophisticated updo for curly hair, consider trying @coconutandconcrete’s style – perfect for days when time is of the essence, but you still want to look put-together!

Pineapple Updo

The pineapple updo is an iconic hairstyle that shows off your natural curls to their best advantage. While tying back curly locks may seem complicated, this look can easily be achieved using proper haircare techniques and styling tools.

Detangling spray and quality hair products are indispensable tools to tame unruly strands before styling. A frizz-fighting product will prevent flyaways and add more shine to curls for an impressive final result.

When securing your pineapple updo, there are various techniques you can try for maximum stability: elastic hair bands can offer reliable support, while scrunchies add whimsical fun. For longer-term glamour and enhanced personal flair, decorative accessories like hairpins, headbands, or scarves may add personalization and flair.

High Ponytail

A high ponytail is one of the most accessible styles for natural curly hair. This updo pulls your strands away from your face for a polished and youthful appearance; all it requires is some pins or clips to secure and pin your strands into place to ensure any falling pieces don’t happen to get out.

Make sure your hair pins match your natural strand color for seamless integration into your updo. A strong hairspray can also keep it secure all day long.

Add side fringe for a feminine finish as Tyra Banks does and create a classic yet modern style with clip-in faux bangs; or for an elegant and fashionable look suitable for any event, add clip-in fake charges as clip-in faux bangs for a quick update of this updo.

High Pile of Curls

This sophisticated updo is perfect for special events and works equally well with natural or second-day curls created using a curling iron. This style can also be helpful if your locks feel unruly, but give little time for washing and styling!

This updo features a braided crown and messy bun to show off the beauty of curly locks. Perfect for weddings, parties, and casual beach walks alike!

To create this look, start by moisturizing and detangling your curls before experimenting with various braids and twists to find an updo that works for you. Once your ideal updo has been found, secure it using hairpins and elastics before finishing it with frizz-fighting products for ultimate shine.

Low Bun

One of the most straightforward and most beautiful styles for curly hair is the low bun, perfect for girls with layered haircuts who wish to keep their curls neat without needing too many products.

To create this hairstyle, comb through your locks to untangle any knots and cut away the section that extends towards your ear. Next, braid the remaining sections and pancake them outwards to make wider braids before pinning two braids at the back and tucking them back into your existing locks in a half ponytail formation.

Make your updo more stunning by adding a beaded hairpin or two for extra beauty, then spray on some hairspray to keep the style from unraveling throughout the day.

With some creativity and imagination, stunning updos for curly hair can stand out at any event – remember to moisturize, detangle, experiment with styles such as braids and twists, and secure them using bobby pins to achieve lasting results!