Multi-Color Hairstyles For Warm and Cool Skin

If a whole rainbow of color is too striking for you, pastel hues might be more to your liking. Make your platinum blonde strands even more eye-catching by adding pink, purple, and blue accents throughout their locks.

Pixie cuts provide the ideal length to experiment with multiple hues, from warm and cool shades such as grassy green, yellow-orange, and mossy purple, to create an appealing overall effect.

Warm Tones

Warm tones can’t go wrong when selecting shades with yellow, orange, and gold pigments – this includes blonde shades like butterscotch, strawberry blonde, and golden honey, as well as brown hues like chocolate or caramel. Rich brown shades such as mahogany will give your look a luxurious, candlelit glow that works beautifully with warm skin tones.

Try opting for a bronde shade featuring warm and cool undertones for light to medium-colored brunettes with warm undertones. However, avoid going more than half a tone darker to avoid appearing washed out. To maintain vibrant and shiny locks of color, we suggest Davines Alchemic shampoo and conditioner; their color-depositing features help keep color bright and radiant. Furthermore, direct sunlight or hot water washing could open cuticles and hasten their fade.

Cool Tones

Cool tones can also benefit those with naturally darker locks; darker brown shades with golden bases and cool highlights create the appearance of radiant skin, while ashy blonde hues provide contrast and bring attention to blue or green eyes.

Finding a shade that works with light skin with cool undertones can be tricky. Still, an experienced stylist can highlight your natural brightness without washing out your complexion. Avoid brassy blondes or warm coppers, which clash with your face, in favor of ashy hues or cool shades of red that bring out your natural brightness without overpowering you. Hilary Duff and Sydney Sweeney both demonstrate how soft ice blonde can work wonders with pale skin tones; however, finding a colorist who knows how to keep subtle golden tones throughout can be challenging; Nikki Lee was on point when dyeing Sydney Sweeney’s mane for the premiere of Euphoria!