Highlights For Mousy Hair

Mousy hair refers to a color that appears dull or faded and can also describe someone timid. This season, there has been a rise in popularity for mousy shades, from Gigi Hadid’s natural light brown hue to Taylor Hill’s adorable bob. If you want to rock this trend, here are a few ways to do it.


Mousy hair has made a comeback this spring! This natural-looking light brown hue is low maintenance and works well on girls with cooler skin tones. Here are our favorite highlights that will give your mousy locks a new lease on life!

Barely-There Balayage Highlights

If you want to add a bit of lightness to your mousy locks, ask your stylist about barely-there balayage highlights. These highlights create a gradient effect with light blond strands, adding dimension and natural beachy vibes to your hair. The color should start darker at the roots and gradually lighten towards the ends. Another option is a dark mousy ombre hairstyle, starting with black seeds before transitioning to a golden brown tone and ending in a light blonde shade.

Darker Lowlights

For a dramatic transformation, consider adding darker lowlights to your mousy locks. This will give you a rich autumn-ready hue that suits most ladies with warm or neutral skin tones. If going too dark is too extreme, opt for subtle caramel or chocolate brown shades that add warmth and dimension to your mousy strands.


An ombre effect might be perfect if you want an effortlessly stylish and relaxed hair color. When combined with barely-there balayage highlights, this coloring technique creates an attractive, natural, and understated style.

Ombre is a gradual hair coloring technique that uses multiple shades of dye to blend natural and colored strands seamlessly. It often starts darker at the roots and midshaft before gradually lightening to lighter tones at the tips. There are various variations available, such as traditional ombre, reverse ombre, and subtle somber looks.

Depending on your preferences, selecting an Ombre color scheme can be straightforward or intricate. Choosing your perfect hue can be simple and challenging, whether you prefer natural-looking shades like brown to blonde or something bolder like black to honey.

Proper care is essential for maintaining your ombre hair color. Regular washing, avoiding sources of damage, and using conditioning treatments and masks can help extend its life.

Red Hair Dye

Mousy brown hair may seem dull, but it’s an earthy hue with character. Mousy brown locks can look stunning with a few highlights or reddish undertones added in an ombre look. The popular shade known as “bronde,” a beige blonde color with warm or reddish undertones, works well on women with cooler skin tones to brighten up a mousy blond style.

If you want an eye-catching hue, consider trying a brown shade. It suits almost everyone perfectly and can be easily maintained with barely-there balayage highlights or gradual color melts.

Red hair dye offers the advantage of being nonpermanent, allowing you to experiment without fear of permanent damage. However, using high-quality colors and following instructions precisely is essential to achieve optimal results without fading or brassiness.

When selecting your new shade of red hair dye, it’s best to visit a salon with experienced stylists specializing in hair coloring. They can help you choose the ideal hue and provide advice on maintaining its health. Also, purchase extra boxes of dye in case any issues arise during the process.