Mother Wedding Hairstyles – Sleek and Timeless

This mother wedding hairstyle is perfect for any hair type. The bottom half of the hair is twisted into a classic French knot, while the top is left to fall free into loose coils or curls, creating an eye-catching finish. It is a formal look that works well for both semi-casual and more traditional weddings.

Pin Up Chignon – Classic and Elegant

The pin-up chignon is a flattering hairstyle for the mother of the bride. It features criss-crossed sections of hair that frame the face and is finished with an exquisite flower. This hairstyle is suitable for women with long hair and can be worn for any occasion.

Long Braid with Puff – Effortless Elegance

This long braid with puff hairstyle is an elegant and effortless choice for medium-length hair. It involves creating a low chignon while leaving some face-framing tendrils loose for a chic, understated look. This hairstyle is versatile and suitable for any occasion, dress, or event.

Bubbly Puffy Hairstyle – Volume and Softness

Opt for a voluminous blowout with soft, curved under ends to achieve an elegant and classic look. While the hairstyle may appear elaborate with intricately pinned curls, it is very straightforward to create. Adding a jeweled hair clip as a finishing touch complements this mother wedding hairstyle, which works best for women with medium or long thick hair.

Simple Straight Hairstyle – Chic and Polished

This simple straight hairstyle is perfect for mothers looking for a chic and polished look. It involves crisscrossing the hair and pulling it into a low, twisted chignon with French influences. This hairstyle suits casual or semi-formal wedding ceremonies and complements most face shapes. It looks particularly stunning on women with medium-length wavy or curly locks.

Sleek French Hairstyle – Adorable and Chic

The bride’s mother can consider this sleek French hairstyle for a fresh and youthful look. Braid the hair into a French braid and pin it with an eye-catching accessory. This gorgeous low updo features twists of twisty detail and loose, undone curls, making it perfect for casual or semi-formal weddings. The addition of pearl-adorned hair combs further elevates the look.

Triple Flower Bun – Elegance and Sophistication

This elegant mother wedding hairstyle pairs beautifully with dresses featuring intricate necklines. The hair is styled into a bun, with wispy tendrils added for height and dimension. A flower is placed into the bun to add a touch of sophistication. This hairstyle works well for women with medium or thick hair, and backcombing can be done to add volume.

Messy Bun – Sleek and Elegant

This sleek and elegant chignon is ideal for fall or winter weddings. The crown is teased to add height, and the style is finished with accessories. It complements any hair length and dress type. Crystal hair pins or floral-accented barrettes can add an elegant finishing touch.

Regal Hairstyle – Eye-Catching and Glamorous

For those with shoulder-length locks, this regal hairstyle is simple yet glamorous. The hair is teased and gathered into a low rounded bun at the nape of the neck, creating an eye-catching finish. It is a classic chignon with enhanced volume, perfect for semi-casual or formal weddings. Adding a flower to one side completes the elegant look. This style is also suitable for moms with pixie cuts; achieving an elegant style requires washing and combing the locks using a blow dryer.

Pressing Curls – Soft and Textured

This soft and textured mother-bride hairstyle suits formal events and casual weddings. Big structured waves are cooled and brushed over to combine their textures into something soft and glamorous. This half-up hairstyle features lots of volume and intricate pin curls for an eye-catching finish. Leaving loose tendrils creates an added special touch.