The Most Attractive Hairstyles For Women

Though surveys may show men preferring quiff hairstyles, remember that beauty lies within each individual. Whatever hairstyle or cut you opt for, do it so it makes you feel confident and comfortable!

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk is an eye-catching and modern take on classic punk styling, both low maintenance and eye-catching.

A-line Bob

At its core, an A-line bob is an unmistakably classic look – whether worn blunt or with subtle gradation. Here, a pixie cut combines with long face-framing strands that reach just below the shoulders for an ultra-sleek style that works on both women with thin or thick locks. This haircut’s angled, sleek appearance flatters most face shapes while helping balance broad foreheads (a characteristic of square and diamond faces). Add high-fashion flair by selecting a cool blonde hue with subtle balayage coloring that complements your eyes. Ladies seeking to cover up grays can opt for a purple-rooted blonde on an A-line bob style, with an added white lace band for vintage yet chic charm.

Two-Toned Hair Colour

Two-toned hair color trends have become one of the hottest, offering you a chic and unique style statement. Whether it’s an ombre with silver tips or electric blue peekaboo highlights, two-toned looks allow you to express yourself while showing off your personal flair! If you prefer something more feminine appeal, opt for two girly colors, such as pink and purple, or create an eye-catching Cruella de Vil-inspired two-toned look by layering two tones – particularly effective if your locks have waves or curls! If you want a natural two-toned look, try soft ombre or balayage. By selecting lighter hues for your roots and darker tones for your highlights or ombre, soft ombre or balayage offers a practical and beautiful way to give your locks an updated style.

Long Wavy Hair

Wavy hair can be an asset when worn long, providing volume and fullness that are ideal for creating flattering looks. Wavy locks also go great with bangs to give a soft feminine feel; try different hair accessories, such as clips and bows, to complete your look! A choppy brown balayage lob is one of the most sought-after styles for long, wavy hair. This timeless and chic style can be styled with blunt bangs for an effortless boho look, shadowing roots, or using balayage techniques to emphasize waves.

Side-Swept Waves

Women of all ages find the side-swept wave look to be one of the most appealing hairstyles. Perfect for dinner parties and dates alike, this look features long waves flowing over one shoulder for an enchanting appearance. To achieve it, start by shampooing and conditioning your locks; apply a light hair prep product such as Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother onto the scalp and strands before blow drying with no straightening – use a large paddle brush lightly comb through before pulling the hair to one side before pulling or pinning it if necessary. Make this look Hollywood movie star-worthy by adding volume with backcombing and using medium-hold hairspray to keep the style in place.

Pigtail Braids

Try these adorable pigtail braids if you’re searching for an elegant and feminine hairstyle that can easily transition between casual events! Perfect for women with curly or wavy locks, this look works exceptionally well when accessorized with beads or accessories for an added pop of color. If you want to elevate your pigtail braids, add space buns for an eye-catching, creative style that works for music festivals and casual everyday wear. Plus, this hairstyle keeps braids from becoming unruly throughout the day!