Moose Hair

Moose are typically shy when approached but may become aggressive under certain conditions. They may charge, stomp, or kick when cornered by people or dogs, even those on leashes or in fenced yards – making feeding them an increase in attack probability.


Goose species that produce chicks known as goslings make adorable birds for birders of all ages to admire. Endearing birdslings are known as “goslings”. With soft plumage, large eyes, undeveloped wings, and high-pitched squeaking calls that endear them to birders everywhere, goslings are quickly beloved among birders of all ages. However, it is essential to remember that young waterfowl are still highly vulnerable to predators, so care must be taken when handling them to avoid stressing or weakening their natural immunity over time.

Goslings can be susceptible to various diseases. One such infection is Aspergillosis or Pulmonary Aspergillosis. While this disease affects all waterfowl, young goslings are particularly prone to this deadly fungal infection, which typically transmits during hatching by dirty incubator equipment or through egg contamination.

Mycoplasma parvovirus, a common pathogen among poultry that causes respiratory infections and air sac inflammation, often threatens young goose hatchlings. The best way to protect young gooselings from it is by vaccinating all breeding adult geese against this virus. Vaccination works quickly and efficiently by creating immunity in parents that pass passive immunity on to their offspring.

Mycoplasma parvovirus infection in goslings typically shows itself through weight loss, decreased fertility, egg production, and poor eggshell quality. Older goslings may experience loss of appetite, weakness, and reluctance to move around due to respiratory symptoms and white diarrhea.

Ryan Gosling’s New Look

Ryan Gosling has long been known for his platinum blonde locks. However, recently, he has gone dark due to filming for “Barbie,” in which he stars alongside Margot Robbie as Ken and other celebrities playing Barbies such as Dua Lipa, Issa Rae, and Alexandra Shipp – and Gosling himself has gone darker to suit his role as Ken. He may have changed his look for this role.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose is an iconic winter clothing designer brand known for their down-filled jackets. Starting as a small warehouse in Toronto 60 years ago, this company has since evolved into a multi-million-dollar enterprise selling top-quality winter apparel worldwide. Their product offering also includes leather bags, boots, and other accessories.

Canadian Goose has received fierce criticism from animal rights organizations for using real fur in its products, particularly PETA, which has long boycotted them due to this practice. PETA purchased shares in Canada Goose to pressure them not to use real fur. Additionally, they have staged protests at stores worldwide, including one lasting three years outside its flagship store in London.

The company responded to the boycott by issuing a statement announcing they would no longer use real fur in their products, continue supporting sustainable materials, and partner with brands that share similar beliefs. They plan on working more with educational institutions as they believe young people must be exposed to these issues.

The company announced it will no longer purchase new fur from trappers, opting instead to buy only reclaimed coats already part of the supply chain. They claim they will work with producers committed to ethical and humane production methods – though there are none for coyote fur; its production methods are ruthless for animals while no regulations exist that protect workers or animals in its production chain.

Canada Goose is well-known for their high-end and durable outerwear that’s popular with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Their parkas are particularly beloved among cold-climate sportspeople and often feature coyote fur trim on the hood. However, contrary to claims made by Canada Goose themselves, coyote fur trim doesn’t need to be included to make their products warm and waterproof. Plenty of competitors to their parkas use only synthetic fabrics without fur inclusion. Additionally, many mountain climbers don’t require much gear when engaging in outdoor pursuits such as mountain climbing or hiking.


The elephant, an ancient relative of the wooly mammoth, is one of the world’s largest land animals. It is notable for having long strands of hair on its tail that can reach nearly the length of an arm and are prized by jewelers as a form of currency. Their thicker-than-human hair strands range from black to brown or occasionally white.

With her research published in the MIT Technology Review journal, Elie Bou-Zeid of the CEE Faculty helps explain why elephants remain calm even in hot climates. Their fur carries away heat away from their skin and into the air, explaining how these elephants manage to stay comfortable even during intensely hot environments.

Elephant body hair not only serves to keep them cool, but it can also be used to detect odors from nearby organisms and detect other elephants nearby. When elephants raise and wave their trunks in the air, scent particles are collected and channeled directly into Jacobson’s organ in their mouth. This allows them to locate food and water, or even detect other elephants more effectively.

Elephants use their extraordinary sense of smell to their advantage by using the hair at the end of their trunks as natural fly swatters. Like cats ‘ whiskers, their trunk hairs are susceptible, enabling them to swat away flies without accidentally hitting insects. Furthermore, elephants possess musth glands (a musky substance produced during the breeding season to attract females). These must glands become inflamed during the mating season to attract potential mates.

Like other mammals, elephants don’t rely on fur to stay warm in hot climates. Instead, they use their hair as insulation against heat waves, shedding up to 20% of body temperature through it, according to recent research. Researchers used stable isotopes found in elephant hair samples from Samburu National Reserve, Kenya, to measure migration patterns and seasonal diet changes. Their findings demonstrated that elephants have evolved to consume both plant and animal foods, with the most diverse diets during migration periods.