Modern Curly Hairstyles

Try this long layered hairstyle if you want a chic way to style your big curly locks.

This fun look works beautifully with casual or longer simple dresses alike!

An oval-shaped face will benefit significantly from having a face-framing layer.

Accentuate your cheekbones and frame your face beautifully with tendrils for an irresistibly seductive effect. You can pin them up or leave some loose tendrils for added seduction.

Layered Curls with Bangs

Layered cuts are the ideal way to showcase the beautiful coils on your head. From romantic styles like short curly pixie cuts with stacked layers that frame your face to casual styles with tousled waves, remember plenty of texturizing spray to keep your look in check!

For an up-to-the-moment curly hairstyle, opt for a shoulder-length cut with soft layers

Create texture and dimension. You can rock this style either with or without bangs. Add caramel balayage highlights for extra flair to elevate its sophistication even further.

Carrie Bradshaw would surely approve of this modern take on the classic bob with layered bangs!

Stacked layers staggered in layers are meant to give the strands an airy, lightweight appearance while framing your forehead beautifully – ideal for women with thick, wavy locks! For this style to work properly, ask your stylist to add medium-length rounded layers that create fullness across all layers for the whole shape effect.

Short Curls with Shaved Temples

Highlight your natural texture while making styling enjoyable. Use a lightweight sculpting product to define and volumize the curls for the best results.

For an effortlessly romantic look, pair curly hair with thin bangs

Stand out in a crowd and show your bright personality. Additionally, add a sleek back ponytail for extra polish!

This look is perfect for girls looking to show off their beauty and personality with short hairstyles.

Allow your natural texture to shine while adding volume to your crown and sides. Additionally, this style can help maintain healthy and hydrated locks by using Ouai hair Oil serum for additional books in your strands. Then style by curling and pinning back strands in an exquisite manner.

Blonde Curls with Layers

Add feminine charm and frame your face beautifully. The layers give this fine mane a softer finish while adding volume to its voluminous locks – great for any special event or occasion!

If you still decide to commit fully to an Afro look with your coils, try this medium-length layered curly hairstyle instead.

Give them shape and definition while adding dimension with subtle highlights if desired.

Gwen Stefani is an expert at creating big curly hair looks with stunning long layered haircuts.

Her captivating caramel-blonde color and natural curl pattern combine beautifully to turn heads wherever she goes. To achieve her look, ensure that a good sculpting product defines your curls, while a hydrating spray is also crucial in maintaining fresh-looking coils.

Short Curls with Undercut

An undercut effectively highlights your natural curls, making this style sexy and straightforward to maintain. Trim your beard and sideburns to the same length as your crown. Your rings will frame your face and add texture for an eye-catching style.

hair shorter with a fade is another excellent solution for curly locks.

This style gives a timeless, classic appearance while adding layers will add extra volume and texture that will turn heads wherever it goes.

This style is ideal if you want to show off your bright personality with an eye-catching haircut.

With its straight fade that ends at the ear and short sides while leaving long curls standing out front.