Military Haircut Fade

Military haircuts are timeless classics that exude discipline and dedication, and make an ideal hairstyle choice for men with short locks, as it offers minimal length on sides and back. This style features a high fade that starts at the temples to give a more boxier and angular overall appearance, accented with an angular hard part for added edge.

High Fade

This military haircut fade is a timeless style that takes full advantage of your natural contour. Its short sides blend seamlessly into an upswept top, while highlighting your beard for an attractive finish. Also referred to as a “bald fade,” or even more commonly, “skin fade,” this military fade can work wonders with all types of facial hair!

Low and Loose

If you prefer something a bit less formal than traditional high and tight cuts, this version of the military haircut features a lower, looser cut that leaves an inch or two of longer hair at the crown for brushing back or creating faux hawk styles to suit any mood.

Regulation Cut

The regulation cut is a retro-style that marries neatness of military haircuts with more casual side parts for an interesting take on this traditional military cut style. Although less dramatic than its high and tight cousin, this variation still looks professional when styled using gel products to style its finish.


On their first day of boot camp, new recruits typically receive an army haircut known as an induction cut. This military hairstyle entails shaving or buzz cutting the sides and back of the head while leaving longer locks up top, often in a side part shape. This military haircut style can be customized to your preferences with fades and tapers that fit your desired look. For instance, for more playful or dramatic effects you could keep the top hair shorter than usual to achieve an eye-catching textured finish. Styling this haircut using texturizing paste or clay will also help maintain its clean, sharp appearance.

Long Crew Cut

Long crew cuts like this one are an excellent way to give your look an understated military charm, with its versatile yet military vibe complementing any type of haircut, outfit or environment.

Spiky Fade

The hard part cut is a military haircut featuring a thick shaved line for added style. This haircut provides a sharp taper from your hairline to the top of your head that stands out among other military styles. Ideal for guys who comb their hair to one side or pair it with a shaved beard for an impressive look, the hard part cut makes an impressionful impression among military styles.

Low Fade

The low fade military haircut is an ideal solution for men with thinned-out locks who want something short and masculine. This haircut allows more than two inches of middle area while back and sides are faded for a sleek appearance. To add contrast, use hair pomade or wax to create spiky locks on top of your head for added flare.

High and Tight

The high and tight military haircut is an ageless classic that never goes out of fashion. This haircut consists of closely shaved scalp with trimmed top for an attractive, professional appearance.

Conventional Fade

Military haircuts are timeless classics that never go out of fashion, making this style ideal for men who desire an immaculate, classic appearance. hair on top should be cut close to the scalp while sides faded for an edgy sawtooth fringe that adds edge and flair. Furthermore, this cut provides plenty of length on top and can add modern flair with its longer style.

Drop Fade

As another way of making the classic high and tight haircut more stylish, adding a drop fade around the ears is another effective way to enhance its style and blend in better with beards.

Mid Fade

A mid fade is an excellent solution for those who enjoy military-inspired haircuts but prefer something more casual. Beginning several inches above the ear, this fade is great for keeping ears and neck warm while wearing hair short.