Midlength hairstyles

hairShort and long locks come and go in fashion, yet timeless mid-length hairstyles remain fashionable. What’s great is they are easy to manage and take less time to style than longer cuts!

Medium-length hairstyles allow you to express yourself and your individuality in many ways, from romantically face-framing layers, which frame your chin, to an edgy and modern tomboy shag. And adding blonde money-piece highlights to a layered lob creates an eye-catching look that will have everyone talking!

If your hair is naturally straight, try styling it into a sleek yet voluminous shoulder-length bob with feathered layers for added texture and volume. For those with curlier locks, tousled waves add movement while giving an effortless bedhead vibe that looks stylish.

A long bob with angled layers is an iconic style that feels contemporary and fresh at once, perfect for solid and delicate jawlines, and easy to style with your favorite color choices.

Fine, straight hair tends to flatten out quickly with one-length cuts, so feathered layers with movement are ideal for keeping strands looking complete and stylish. Furthermore, this look works beautifully when combined with dip dyeing, which focuses color at the tips for an added splash of brightness in your lob.

Choose a long bob with a middle part for an effortless face-framing style that looks great with any face shape or texture. This style flatters all face shapes and textures and can look nice with side-swept bangs and soft waves.

Long bobs can work wonders on straighter locks. Khloe Kardashian epitomizes this look with her center-parted long blonde bob, caramel highlights, and wispy layers added for volume – an impressive and timeless style!

Wavy medium-length hairstyles are an excellent way to add texture and keep their length while adding movement and volume to their look. A tomboyish shaggy lob style in warm brown makes a statement while being both sweet and feminine. To thicken up your strands further, consider dyeing them using the balayage technique; it will accentuate face-framing layers while emphasizing the cut’s shape while adding an unpredictability element that adds personal style.

A shag haircut is an effortless style for mid-length hair that requires minimal upkeep. Add a splash of color with strawberry bronde as an eye-catching accent; dark roots make your locks appear thicker, while lighter bottom creates contrast and emphasizes layers, emphasizing jawlines and creating an appealing contrast that highlights layers and brings out jawlines.

For an unconventional but feminine style, try rocking a shaggy pixie with choppy steps and soft curtain bangs, as Courteney Cox or Michelle Pfeiffer have done. This cut works exceptionally well if your face shape is oval; pair it with a deep side part to complete this chiseled appearance, and curl your locks to emphasize layers while giving your bob an authentic wavy and windswept vibe.

Choppy layers add dimension and interest to bob hairstyles, while they can also soften with natural waves like those seen here with this chin-length inverted choppy bob styled with lush waves. Add shadow roots for depth of field effects and disconnected finishing for a stylish, versatile ‘do that can take you from beachside strolling to red carpet events.

Thin hair textures benefit significantly from this style, adding volume to the silhouette and helping create an eye-catching voluminous effect. Thick locks may also find relief: this lightening style makes the heavier waves appear less serious overall. For an edgier vibe, pair it with bangs to frame your face beautifully and incorporate color for an eye-catching pop that instantly elevates an outfit!