Mid-Length Haircuts For Men

Men with medium-length hair can look their best by styling their locks creatively and playing around with various options. You can try so much, from quiffs to pompadours and textured crops!

The Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour combines vintage and contemporary styles for an eye-catching look. Style yours with a low fade and brush back your strands to complete this timeless style.

Bald Fade

One of the trendiest haircuts for men, a bald fade can create an eye-catching contrast between your sides and top hair. Achieve maximum impact when combined with shorter styles like a quiff or comb over on top. For something bolder, try pairing it with pompadours or long fringes for added dimension. Bald fade haircuts can work for anyone willing to shave short on the sides and can be tailored to various facial structures and hair textures. If you have curly locks, ask your barber for a bald fade with a side-parted texture crop that can be styled into a pompadour shape for maximum impact at parties or work events. Add facial hair as desired to complete this stylish look.

Messy Fringe

One of the most fashionable fringe hairstyles for men is a messy fringe. Ideal for adding texture and movement, this look requires having your hair cut into an arrangement that gives enough length in front and short cuts on the sides and back for optimal results. To achieve it, professionally styled with layers allows your fringe to grow naturally over time. Bilal recommends this style for those with naturally wavy or curly locks, as it will enable their natural movement to shine through. Furthermore, this cut can also serve those who have receding hairlines by helping camouflage thinning tresses, according to Bilal. Serafino suggests another effective way of creating a messy fringe is spritzing it with sea salt spray, adding pieces of texture and volume. This look works exceptionally well if you want your hair to have a surf-inspired aesthetic. Just maintain this style regularly to keep it in its best condition!

Modern Pompadour

The pompadour haircut is an excellent option for any man seeking a trendy and unique style. This versatile cut perfectly fits nearly every hair texture, length, or face shape. The pompadour offers various possibilities, Whether sliced back for formal events or worn casually combed forward for an everyday casual look. For an updated take on the classic pompadour style, consider styling a low taper fade with a combed-forward quiff for an effortlessly dapper look suited for any special event or formal gathering. Be sure to use a pomade with a firm hold and high sheen. The pompadour is an ever-popular classic hairstyle, returning after being in fashion for decades. It is easy to style and suitable for any face shape. Adding volume with pomade sets this style off. Try different variations until you find what works for you!

Bowl Cut

Named for its mushroom-shaped design, the bowl cut is also commonly called a mushroom haircut. Featuring thick top layers that transition smoothly into thin back sections with fringe tucked behind ears for easy styling, this cut works great for men with curly locks, too. It requires only regular brushing or light hold pomade or sea salt spray for upkeep. Add modernity to your bowl cut by pairing it with a diagonal fade for a standout look. The high contrast lines on both the sides and back create an eye-catching contrast that will grab attention. No matter the length or texture of your locks, a disheveled bowl cut with a taper fade is an attractive and fashionable style for any special occasion. Use pomade or salt spray to add texture while styling fringe with a side parting for casual appeal. Completing this look are well-groomed mustaches and beards to round off the style. Alternatively, add an undercut for a more masculine appearance.