Men’s Mid-Back Length Hairstyles

Angled layers might be your answer rather than going for the traditional bob haircut. This style flatters most face shapes while helping keep hair from looking too short.

Wavy Texture

Wavy TextureTexture has debuted this year thanks to celebrities such as Timothee Chalamet. This look can be worn with either an off-center parting or low quiff for a more formal effect.


The pompadour is a timeless look that suits most hair types and face shapes while being an easy way to incorporate men’s hair trends like pieces TextureTexture and taper fades. With some practice, you can achieve this style by blow drying upward and applying medium-hold styling products like clay or paste before shaping with pomade for the finishing touch! If a classic pomp is too neat for your taste, try opting for something with TextureTexture. This modern variation of ceremonies can be styled backward to show off the volume. A skin fades on both sides completes this stylish yet unassuming cut.

Skyscraper Pomp

For something bolder, try the skyscraper pomp. One of the voluminous styles on this list, yet perfectly proportioned thanks to a skin fade and shaved line – this look makes an impactful statement about who you are as an individual. Perfect for men looking for ways to stand out!

Slick Back

A slick back is ideal for men looking for an elegant and refined aesthetic. Pair this style with a mid fade to create an exceptional masculine-yet-stylish aesthetic, or pair it with a beard to complete your look. This classic hairstyle works on all face shapes and hair textures. To create it, brush your hair away from your hairline before securing it with the gel-like product or hair pomade for volume and security. The slick back hairstyle is an iconic and timeless look ideal for men looking to make an impression at work or out and about. Easy to maintain, it suits any event or special occasion; complete the look by pairing it with a suit and tie or an intelligent polo shirt; jeans may even work if going for more casual vibes!

Loose Side Parting

An alternative to the slicked-back look, a loose side part can add a dapper edge to any look. A little hair wax will keep this style looking its best; perfect for those who enjoy dressing in preppy style but can also be worn casually. A versatile choice, the loose side part works beautifully for medium-length kinds of all varieties of hair. Wavy locks can easily add TextureTexture by gently lifting and pinning some strands back, or creating a subtle side part by making a small section running parallel with your original position, then pulling up and pinning it to give an illusion of fuller volume and draw more attention to your features – a perfect look for square-faced guys!

Wavy Locks

If your wavy hair naturally has more of a chaotic texture, opt for a shaggy haircut that emphasizes its movement. This style works exceptionally well on thick wavy locks as its natural waves create an effortlessly stylish yet cute style that complements any color or style palette. To prevent your bob from looking overdone, have your stylist create choppy jagged layers, which will help minimize bulk and create an airier finish. For added volume, you can incorporate baby lights or high-contrast balayage effects for eye-catching effects.

Curl Enhancing Styling Cream

If you want to add definition and softness to your curly or wavy locks, try using a curl-enhancing styling cream like the Love Beauty and Planet Sandalwood