5 Messy Curly Updo Hairstyles

Braided Updo

If you have naturally curly hair, an undone romantic updo may be needed for formal events. Easy to create and looks gorgeous when accented with an olive branch accessory! Make an impression on any special occasion or want something different; try one or more of these messy curly updo hairstyles – be sure to use a frizz-fighting product to maintain healthy and shiny coils!

Half Ponytail Updo

A braided updo is an elegant, textured style that looks stunning on any woman. Depending on the size and arrangement of its braids, this hairdo can be worn formally and casually, depending on how they are integrated into the look. Try a butterfly, Dutch, or regular three-strand braid and twist them into a bun on your head for an elegant style. Accessorize with hair accessories to complete this look. Crossed chignon braided updos make for an elegant yet romantic kind of updo. Tease the crown area for added volume before securing the rest of your locks into a low bun with braids for an exquisite finish.

Half Ponytail Updo

Curly hair looks elegant and refined when pulled back into a half-up ponytail, especially with its high pile of curls, making the style stand out. Highlighted curls add visual interest, while you can also add pompadour bangs for an eye-catching effect – or you could keep things casual by letting loose strands frame your face for an effortless finish. For an elegant formal event, this romantic updo with curly locks is an exquisite option for curly-haired girls with curly locks. Create the bun using clear elastic, or tie it all with an elegant barrette before spraying hairspray to secure it all together.

Braided Bun Updo

This charming updo for curly hair combines side braids with a low bun to create an easy yet sophisticated style suitable for casual and formal events. Perfect for girls with shoulder-length and longer locks who desire an updo that can go from day to night effortlessly, it will ensure an elegant finish! Make a high-top ponytail, then gather your curls into a loose low bun. Twist some front strands to frame your face for added elegance – that’s it! This elegant yet straightforward updo looks fantastic when worn with an elegant dress or for formal events like weddings.

Twisted Bun Updo

If a formal updo with your curls intact is in order, this adorable curly updo from @rachelharris_hairmakeupbeauty will surely leave an impression. Use a hair tie to bundle up your ringlets into a cute ponytail style and embellish with some hair pins for a stunning finished product – leave some tendrils framing your face, and finish it all off with hairspray for a look that’s suitable for any special event. Add flair to this classic French updo by braiding two front sections into loose braids and pinning them underneath your half ponytail. Finish it with some delicate flower sprigs for an eye-catching and chic finish!

Flower Bun Updo

A sleek side bun with a flower pin makes for an eye-catching yet girly updo, ideal for formal events like weddings, proms, or black-tie galas. Additionally, this chic hairstyle makes a fantastic option when worn as a Lehenga Attire. Enhance a loose braid by weaving baby’s breath (gypsophila) or tiny rosebuds through it for an exquisite bridal hairstyle that’s both dramatic and low maintenance. Pair it with a flower crown or barrette full of greens for an unforgettable wedding day look – it never goes out of fashion and is super easy to style!

Quadruple Strung Bun Updo

Try this high, sleek top knot updo for an easy and stylish updo that will show off your beautiful locks! This simple updo requires no skill but looks put-together while exuding class. Gather your hair into a half ponytail, using pins to secure it. Divide the top section of hair into two smaller braids that look wider by pancaking them outwards and wrapping each around itself; pin these braids securely using bobby pins; finally, spray some hairspray to set your style and complete this adorable and elegant protective style that promotes hair growth! The result will be an attractive yet elegant protective style!