Mens Medium Layered Haircut

Men’s medium-layered haircuts are stylish styles that allow you to add texture and flair to your appearance. It is ideal for those who wish to keep their aesthetic relaxed yet trendy. Slick-back layered hairstyles look fantastic on men of all ages and face shapes, making this style easy to maintain for formal and casual occasions.

Short Layered Haircut

Men with short hair may benefit from opting for a layered haircut. This classic style adds volume and shape while framing their faces beautifully. This style is ideal for those with curly or wavy locks, allowing their natural texture to stand out while remaining sleek and polished. Consult a barber to create weak layers at the crown of your head and style the remainder of your hair into a neat or messy finish, depending on your preferences.

Bowl Cut

This stylish layered haircut for men with thick hair is an excellent way to sport a comprehensive and complete look. Ask for a long top with strands around your eyebrows and a short fade on both sides of the head. This iconic look from The Big Lebowski movie will surely set you apart in any crowd. Style your locks with some pomade and rock this style like The Dude himself!

Long Layered Haircut

Layering is an excellent way to add movement and texture to men’s hair, working well for thick or thin locks alike and pairable with various haircuts. For an informal aesthetic, try combining this cut with messy, unstructured layers for maximum impact! Those with wavy locks should opt for this haircut that showcases its natural texture, featuring a high fade on the sides and an adaptable top section that can be styled in numerous ways.

Short Spiky Haircut

Consider adding short spikes if you already have a classic medium-layered haircut with bangs. This look looks fabulous and is easily achievable through hair gel; these spikes will come with different lengths and angles for an edgier finish. Men can look their best with a striking combination of smooth, faded sides and spiked top spikes that exude style and sophistication. Perfect for both formal and casual events.

Curly Layered Haircut

Men with thick, wavy hair can wear this playful yet sophisticated style that looks playful yet sophisticated. Comb and brush it your desired way for that Johnny Depp-esque effect. Additionally, this layered haircut for men helps shape wavy manes while adding volume and shaping wavy manes alike. The bro flow is an effortless style designed to showcase natural silver or gray hairs. Brush backward and apply some hair wax for an enhanced finish.

Long Shaggy Layered Haircut

Men with long, wavy locks can sport an effortless layered haircut for framing their faces, creating an effortlessly casual aesthetic. Ask your barber to create soft layers in your hair, giving it dimension and texture for an appealing, lived-in appearance. It will draw admiring glances from passersby.

Short Hairstyle for Older Men

This medium-length layered haircut offers a sleek and fashionable style, perfect for gentlemen who wish to keep their locks long. This haircut can be styled in various ways to achieve different looks; for instance, leaving some loose locks around the face may give an appearance similar to Johnny Depp’s look. Create this great layered haircut with your barber with low fade sides and a textured top. Complete this look by having him trim your beard for an immaculate and fresh appearance.

Short Hairstyle for Men with Curly Hair

Men with wavy hair can opt for the classic flowing-back style to achieve stunning results. Brush it back and use some hair wax for added structure and shape. If you prefer more relaxed types, consult your barber to create a textured crop that looks great when worn side-swept. This look will accentuate your face while adding volume to the crown area.

Short Hairstyle for Men with Receding Hairline

Men with receding hairlines can still rock stylish and dapper short layered haircuts, such as the comb over, messy hair, or even slick back styles. This classic style combines a taper fade with a pompadour to cover any receding hairlines while emphasizing jawlines and facial features. Wear it with or without a beard for an authentic look!

Short Hairstyle for Men with Short Sides

Men with medium hair can look alluring and mysterious with this eye-catching haircut inspired by Johnny Depp. Strands are cut at ear level to create a voluminous top that can be styled in multiple ways. Layers can add volume and natural flow to any haircut. Ask your stylist to incorporate layers into this shaggy haircut, completing its look with beard and mustache accessories.