Mens Hairstyles Images

Slicked Back Styles

Slicked-back styles are suitable for both long and short locks. Use flexible pomade to keep your hair in place to achieve optimal style results.

Fade Haircuts

The fade is one of the most popular haircuts for men. There are different styles to choose from, including low fades, high fades, taper fades, and burst fades.

Mop-Top Hairstyles

Mop-top hairstyles can add a touch of classic elegance and uniqueness to your style. They work best for medium-length hair and can be slightly wavy to create a masculine appearance.

Front Messy Taper Mop-Top Hairstyle

Consider the front messy taper mop-top hairstyle for a different and stand-out look. This style features a low skin fade, suits any social situation, and pairs well with formal attire.

Comb-Over Hairstyles

Comb-over hairstyles give a professional and polished appearance. They require minimal upkeep and suit almost every face shape. Adding tapering or fading on the sides can give it a personalized look.

Comb-Over with Fade

A comb-over with a fade adds flair and personality to any hairstyle. It can be paired with facial hair for enhanced charm and suits work and formal events.

Deep Side Part Hairstyles

The deep side part hairstyle creates a sophisticated and professional look. It involves leaving the top longer with curls and slicking the sides with fades. It pairs well with facial hair.

Comb-Over Buzz Cut with Side Part

The comb-over buzz cut with a side part is a classic look suitable for all men, especially older gentlemen. Adding color, such as pink, can give it an edgier touch. It works well for casual events.

Wolf Cut Hairstyles

Wolf-cut hairstyles work for straight or wavy locks and can be paired with blunt or wispy bangs. This style is excellent for adding volume to the crown area.

Bowl Cut Wolf Cut

This version of the wolf cut combines elements of a bowl cut for a youthful and edgy style. It suits all face shapes and ages, with medium-length hair working best.

Getting a Wolf Cut

If you’re considering getting a wolf cut, discuss the specifics with your barber and bring pictures to help them understand your style preferences. This will ensure you get the desired haircut.