Men Haircuts

Men have many options when it comes to their hairstyles. A new haircut can make you feel great, while regular professional trimming can keep it healthy and manageable. There’s something special for every man out there – whether a classic pompadour or contemporary fade is what he’s after, there are numerous timeless haircuts for men that you should check out here:


The Edgar short haircut is ideal for guys who are fed up with maintaining long locks and want a sleek, uniform appearance. Featuring a sharp side part and clean fade, this style emphasizes your hair’s lively flow while still looking neat. Additionally, its longer top can be worn backward or sideways depending on how you wish to style it, or for a rugged touch; you could add texturizing spray or gel for texture to complete this style.

A practical haircut can be an invaluable asset and integral to daily style. According to research conducted by Axe, 74% of women identified hair as one of the first things they notice when meeting someone new; thus, men must choose flattering hairstyles that they know how to discuss with their barber. We have created this list of men’s hairstyles, complete with descriptions and reference photos. This will enable you to express yourself clearly when communicating your ideas for getting the haircut most suited for them and their lifestyles.

Layered Pompadour with High Fade

One great men’s haircut is the layered pompadour with high fade. This style works well on both wavy and straight hair types and can be styled either center parting or side parting for maximum elegance. To further elevate its appearance, apply matte styling wax before smoothing it down for added style points.

Ivy League Hairstyle

Ivy League hairstyle is a variation on the classic crew cut that features longer top hair and shorter side locks. Perfect for sophisticated business looks, this look works well on almost all facial structures and skin tones. To add a personal touch, experiment with your texture by trying a shaved natural hairline or temple fade shave for added interest.

Slicked Back Styles

Men with medium-length hair can show their versatility with stylish slicked-back styles that look polished and complement any outfit. Add low or mid-fades to add an elegant touch; these will create a nice contrast between your sleek back style and its short fringe on the front while emphasizing face-framing layers in your haircut.

Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk is an attractive haircut that can be styled in many different ways, perfect for men with thick hair who want an edge without shaving their head entirely or men with long locks who don’t want the maintenance required for full-grown hawks or mohawks. Wearable with any hair color, the faux hawk is a fun way to show your flair!

Fohawk with High Fade

One of the most favored variations of the Faux Hawk, called a Fohawk with a High Fade, is ideal for Black men looking for a bold style without high maintenance requirements. Thanks to its high fade, it is easily styled and works excellent regardless of hair color or length – especially for those with thick, straight locks!

Faux Hawk with Mid Fade

One great way to style a Faux Hawk haircut is with a mid fade. This haircut works beautifully with any hair color and can easily be slicked up or down depending on the event or occasion. Additionally, this cut may provide men with textured or kinky locks with the opportunity to find one that perfectly complements their features.

Punk Rock Faux Hawk

Add texture to your Faux Hawk for an edgy, punk rock look ideal for men with punk rock personalities. This style can easily transition between casual nights out and office meetings, making it the perfect option for aspiring punk musicians looking for a distinctive style to set themselves apart from fellow members of their band.


Men’s undercut haircuts can add some flare and flair to any look, from square and diamond-shaped faces to those with more angular features such as foreheads or noses that appear less sharp. Various variations are available, from classic cuts to modern versions; whatever style suits you best will work!

Disconnected Undercut

One of the most striking undercut styles is the disconnected undercut. This cut makes an eye-catching statement by creating a stark contrast between your hair on top of your head and the closely shaved sides and back, perfect for men looking to make an impressionful statement without fearing turning heads. Try opting for a low fade undercut with side parting for something subtler.

Quiff Undercut Styles

Quiff undercut styles are increasingly popular among men looking for short yet full types with plenty of volume on top. Similar to pompadour cuts, however, but more voluminous on top. Easy to style using gel or products, quiff undercut styles provide men who want an undercut with plenty of volumes without too much length on their hair.

Bowl Trim with Quiff (BTWQ)

The Bowl Trim with Quiff (BTWQ) is another timeless variation of the undercut popular in British cities during the 1920s and 1930s. Later, it was adopted by Salford Scuttlers and Glasgow Ned’s gangs and seen frequently in movies and TV shows featuring these criminal groups. This style features thick peripheries that gradually thin towards the center while the remaining hair is left unshaven for a clean, sleek appearance.

Although many men assume they cannot wear short haircuts, sporting such a look can have many advantages. Not only will you look more fashionable, but this type of cut can effectively keep your locks healthy and clean – perfect for people with unruly locks! Additionally, it may reduce how often shampoo and conditioner must be applied, saving both money and time in the long run.