Mens Haircuts 2020 Short

Mens’ hairstyles can be an excellent way to express yourself.

For an elegant style, try pairing a high fade with either a brushed up fringe or faux hawk, or opt for a textured crop for extra volume.


A recognizable style for guys with strong features, the pompadour haircut requires considerable amounts of hair gel and time to style. For a similar effect without excessive products, this cut is ideal for those looking to channel the Peaky Blinders aesthetic. Achieve this by requesting a skin fade on both the back and sides, and styling longer hair on top with an onward parting.

Textured Crop

A textured crop haircut offers a clean and modern style that’s versatile. Combining a low fade with blunt fringe creates an inimitable look, perfect for dapper yet youthful appearances. This style also works wonders for men with thin hair as it creates the illusion of fuller locks. To achieve a classic disheveled haircut, ask your barber to add a choppy texture throughout the top of your hair, followed by using texturizing hair products to add waves for that just-rolled-out-of-bed appearance popular among younger men.

Military Style

A military style haircut is a classic choice that’s easy to maintain. With a side-swept top and low fade, it provides a straightforward and masculine look. This cut also pairs well with beards or mustaches for added ruggedness. If your hair is thin and lacking volume, try using Too Manly FULLER to add body and dimension. Once applied, comb back your locks using gel-based pomades or wax to create an attractive side part with sharp side parts to complete this look.


The comb-over haircut is incredibly fashionable and pairs perfectly with almost every facial structure. To achieve the style, keep the sides short and faded while combing the top over to one side. Use hair pomade for added shine to complete the look. This men’s haircut is ideal for those who want to appear stylish without the time or commitment to achieve a full pompadour. It also works well with different hair colors and can be combined with low skin fades for an ultra-modern look.

Soft Part

Not all men prefer full-grown Tarzan manes, which is why the soft part hairstyle has become increasingly popular. Perfect for guys with broad foreheads, this look features a sharp part line that complements longer locks on top. To achieve it, simply comb back your locks and apply some pomade for an ideal finish. This style combines skin fading with tapering for an easy transition from one length to another. Additionally, its soft side part makes styling this haircut easier than with classic hard parts.

French Crop

Straight French crops are an iconic style for men with short hair. They pair well with fades or undercuts and can be styled using just a small amount of wax for an effortlessly dapper appearance. For those who prefer an edgier and relaxed aesthetic, ask your barber for a textured French Crop haircut. This style works particularly well on younger men who can sport an untidy or messy look. Combine a skin fade with a French Crop for a striking and eye-catching style that accentuates volume in your hair color. This cut is best suited for oblong and oval face shapes as it emphasizes volume.