Medium Length Hairstyles For Men With Curly Hair

Men with curly locks can style their strands into various aesthetically pleasing looks. A classic example is this look featuring a side part with a clean-cut neck taper and shaved arc. Styling curly hair requires careful consideration – you want to highlight its texture without creating an unruly mess and too much frizz. Choose products tailored specifically for your curl type for optimal results.

Asymmetrical Curls

Curly-haired men can benefit from having longer locks to work with, as an increased length allows you to add volume or accentuate natural curls with a side part or just let them hang loose. A taper fade is a timeless look for men with curly locks, perfect for brutal punk aesthetics, and features low and chilled fades with ringlets on top.


Men who want to showcase their natural curls will find this afro style ideal. With a deep side part and laid edges, its kinky tendrils create an on-trend contrast look. High fade and line-up add an elegant touch to this playful mop of curls, creating an eye-catching style and framing your brow line. This look is a great way to make your locks stand out and complement your face structure. This haircut is explicitly tailored for biracial men with medium-length curly hair. The top is left long in an elegant mini frohawk style, while the sides have been faded for an eye-catching contrast. Finally, complete your stylish look by trimming and styling a neat beard!

Short Curls

Men with short, curly hair can still look dapper and stylish if they correctly style it. Wear your curls as a faux hawk, or use the product to smooth any unruly sections. Dense short curls can look great when worn with a flattering low fade and well-groomed facial hair. Or try styling them into a curly pompadour. This detailed hairstyle can make an elegant and striking statement when properly styled with the product and a beard. Make sure that it includes moisture-boosting ingredients in its formula to keep curls healthy and glossy.

Asymmetrical Fade

If your ringlets are long enough to make themselves noticeable, consider sweeping them to one side to add stylish asymmetry and create an eye-catching rock ‘n’ roll look that is easy to maintain. When worn together with a beard, this hairstyle makes an eye-catching statement yet requires no ongoing upkeep! This haircut typically features slightly messy, textured locks held together in a loose bun at the top, emphasizing their fluffy texture and volume. On either side and back are neatly trimmed using clippers for a natural skin fade effect. Men who want a distinct, low-maintenance look should try this asymmetrical style; make sure to prune regularly to maintain its appearance.

Asymmetrical Coif

Men with curly locks can create an eye-catching style by framing the sides of their hair with designs shaved into it – it makes all the difference! Even small details make an impactful statement about yourself! This man has the ideal look to complete his low fade look: his short fringe and long curly top are combined to form an eye-catching shape that looks fantastic when styled with hair pomade or wax. In contrast, the texture on top accentuates his cheekbones and jawline for an overall striking appearance.

Asymmetrical Side Part

Men with curly locks can sport a slick back style featuring a high fade. While this haircut requires maintenance, it accentuates curls while creating a tidy and dapper appearance. A light application of hair pomade or styling mousse may help reduce frizz while adding texture. Play with your side part to add some asymmetry to your look. Cutting or buzzing the sides and nape into square shapes helps emphasize curls.

Asymmetrical Goatee

One of the most accessible medium hairstyles for men with curly hair, this minimalist style lets your natural texture stand out. Keep the sides and nape trimmed to create an orderly silhouette that frames and compliments longer coils at the crown. Add some dimension and depth to your style by styling your curls back with a side part and finishing off your look with a goatee, a versatile men’s hairstyle combining the hardiness of a fade and softness of a beard – as well as accentuating your chin shape! This striking hairdo also looks great.

Asymmetrical Top

Long asymmetrical looks are becoming increasingly fashionable, yet long curls worn asymmetrically are also stunning options to try if you want to add texture and contrast to your cut. When dying your hair, be sure to use a color-safe conditioner to prevent dryness and breakage. For a youthful spin on the asymmetrical look, tangle your curls together for an undulating and rippled appearance. This style allows you to channel hard punk while still looking trendy.