Men Short Haircuts 2020

Side Part and Fade Haircut

Men with thick textured hair can create a red carpet-worthy style with this haircut. It features an expertly designed side part and fades. Use texturizing products for added definition and choose between a low or bald fade. This style pairs well with quiffs, slick backs, and pompadours. For a softer contrast, start the fading around the ear level.

Disconnected Pompadour

A disconnected pompadour is a trendy style for guys with thin hair. This look, famously worn by Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders, creates an effective masculine style when paired with fades on both sides. The modern twist combines a point fade with short hair styled into a high-volume pompadour. It works well with various face shapes and hair textures and can be kept in place with matte hair clay.

Messy French Crop

French crop haircuts add flair to your look. It can be worn with a high, mid, or low fade and suits curly, wavy, or straight locks. This style is also great for men with beards or mustaches, showcasing their facial features while keeping their hair short. Ask your barber for a hard part to add texture.

Military Style

Military-inspired styles bring strength and masculinity to your look. Try an induction cut, or high skin fade on the sides with a comb-over at the top for an attractive style with minimal upkeep. A short pompadour or buzz cut can create the illusion of fuller hair for thin hair. Use matte styling products to avoid an oily or clumped appearance. A regulation cut with taper fades on the sides and back, styled into a side part or pompadour, makes a statement.

Crew Cut

The classic crew cut adds toughness and edge to your look. Style it by slicking it back for a timeless appearance or adding a long fringe for an edgy touch. The textured crew cut is fashionable and allows for individuality. The faded sides create an accentuated hat line area, while the more extended top section can be spiked up or tousled with texturizing products.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is the boldest short haircut suitable for any setting. It typically features a high skin fade with longer top hair. hair stylists recommend using different side and maximum guard sizes, creating a clean and crisp aesthetic. Pair it with a beard for a classic look, or use pomade or sea salt spray for added texture.


For a bold and stylish look, try the Mohawk haircut. This style combines medium-length wavy or curly locks with short sides and back, requiring minimal styling and maintenance. It looks excellent with an impressive beard. A bald fade haircut subtly contrasts the shaven area and the hair on top, adding zest and distinction.

Faux Hawk

Faux hawks are an excellent choice for men with oily locks. This style gives a rock star aesthetic and urban swagger. The inverted side burst fade adds a visual effect, creating the appearance of a spikey crest on top. The combed-over fade adds sophistication to the short faux hawk haircut, perfect for a chic style that works professionally and casually.