Men Curly Haircut 2020

Finding a haircut designed specifically to work for curly locks can help manage and control their natural density and texture. Here, a mid skin fade keeps this long wavy style looking clean and fresh. If you have light curls and fancy yourself an individual with cool style, give this low taper fade with messy texture quiff a try. Use clay when styling for maximum impact on hair texture.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut

The Cristiano Ronaldo haircut is a timeless style that suits nearly all men. Perfect for professional or formal events and easy to style, this look features high fades on both sides and back with slightly messy long spikes at either end, before being combed back over with hair gel for easy control. This hairstyle is ideal for men with naturally curly or wavy locks, making this hairstyle even more stylish by adding designs or lines. Ask your barber to incorporate some zig-zag or double straight lines for an eye-catching, unique and bold look.

2. Undercut with Curls

This men’s curly haircut is ideal for guys who want to appear dashing and stylish. The hair is kept short around the ears while lengthier at the top for an eye-catching effect. Additionally, this style boasts low taper fade sides for an impressively clean and polished finish. This hairstyle features a natural pompadour with curls added for more volume and a rounded, rippling effect on top. Perfect for guys wanting to showcase their natural texture, especially when worn with a nerdy-style blazer and for casual movie nights or outings with friends!

3. Short Slicked Back Haircut

Men with curly hair often benefit from opting for the slicked-back haircut as it allows them to show off their curls while still looking sharp and dapper. Just be sure to use high-hold styling cream or gel when applying it! The fade and slicked back haircut is an ageless classic that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. Perfect for guys who wish to keep their length while keeping things neat and tidy, it offers long-term style with minimal upkeep required. This outfit is an ideal look for college students seeking to exude a nerdy vibe and suitable for night parties and music events.

4. Short Haircut with Curls

If you prefer shorter locks, why not give this style a try? While its sides are shorter than usual, there’s still plenty of length up top and in the back. This short curly hairstyle exudes sophistication and charm. The dark balayage coloring stands out beautifully against the rich texture of its curls. This haircut for men with curly hair can make a striking statement about them and complete a stylish appearance. Pairing this style with eyeglasses will also make a striking impression, making this style suitable for all ages and face shapes.

5. Short Haircut with Bangs

Men with curly hair may find styling their locks difficult, but with the appropriate haircut and styling technique, you can achieve an effortlessly cool style. Afro fade with curls is one such example that’s easy to maintain while still looking ruggedly cool. Undercuts with curly bangs offer another stylish yet easy-care style option for men looking for something stylish but low maintenance. The curls add volume on top while keeping sides and back tight for an impressively minimal finish. Combine this haircut with a vibrant pink wig to achieve an artistic and versatile style that’s ideal for casual movie nights and outings. This style works particularly well on men with oval or diamond-shaped faces.

6. Short Haircut with Curls

Men with curly hair can achieve the tapered cut with ease if they choose a holding gel that suits their texture. This style shows just how a bit of coloring can make all the difference to a men’s haircut with curls. This style combines a low taper fade with curls for a stylish and trendsetting hairstyle, perfect for men who wish to stand out in any crowd. Perfect for men looking for a chic hairstyle that pairs perfectly with any ensemble! Men who want a short, stylish haircut but want to add some personality can opt for this curly cut that features long coils on the top that add girth and volume. Meanwhile, its sides have been faded into bald spots for a sleek finish. This is an excellent men’s curly haircut.