Medium Straight Hairstyles Men Will Love

Men with straight hair often struggle to find appealing and fashionable haircuts. However, there are several solutions available to create neat and bold-looking locks.

Brushed Back Style with Low or Short Fades

For a rugged appearance, try opting for a brushed-back style with low or short fades on the sides and back of the hair. This hairstyle looks fantastic when combined with a faux hawk and requires minimal styling products.

Pompadour Fade

A pompadour with a fade is an eye-catching way to show your style. This look combines classic pompadour and contemporary techniques like skin fading and disconnect. It works well for men of all ages and can be styled, slicked back for professional presentations, or left loose and messy for a casual vibe.

Brow Flow

Flowing hairstyles for medium straight hair are elegant and sophisticated. Pair it with a beard for added masculinity. This look highlights features initially and can be easily maintained with minor trimming.

Slick Back Cut

Opt for a sleek back cut that combines polish with a casual look for a hassle-free hair routine. Consult a barber for a low to medium fade on the sides and nape, and finish by using hair pomade or styling cream to smooth strands while damp.

Flat Top

This straight, side-part haircut strikes a balance between stylish and relaxed. It features enough unruly style to look fashionable while remaining non-messy. Pair it with a low skin fade and a trimmed beard for maximum effect.

Flow Hair

Flow hairstyle emulates the windswept appearance of surfer’s locks. It is an aesthetically pleasing style for those with thin hair. The length on top adds volume, and gel or molding cream helps hold strands in place. Adding soft blonde highlights further emphasizes distance.